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OmniTrace Assists Producers Of MTV’s True Life

OmniTrace is assisting the producers of MTV’s True Life:  I’m Looking For My Child.

Here’s what MTV says about their documentary series:

“MTV’s Emmy-nominated documentary series True Life, explores remarkable real-life stories of young people and the extraordinary subcultures they inhabit.  Crosstown Media, a production company that produces many of the True Life episodes – is currently accepting submissions for their latest episode – I’m Looking For My Child.

Having lost contact with a loved one is a difficult situation for anybody – and when that loved one is their own child, that feeling of loss and desire to connect (or reconnect) must be significantly greater.  True Life wants to explore what it’s like for a young adult who desperately wants to unite (or reunite) with their long-lost child…and we want to document the journey of that person trying to make their dream come true.

True Life takes an intimate and unobtrusive approach to their storytelling.  The entire production crew consists of just one person – a producer with a camera…that’s it.  We capture the story over the course of approximately two months.  Because True Life is a pure documentary series, we are not permitted to aid, assist, or finance anyone’s search.  That’s why we are looking for self-sufficent adults (approximately 18-28) who plan to be very aggressive with their search for their child this summer – and have the means to do so…”

If you have lost contact with your child for any reason, and are desperate to have your child back in your life, please email OmniTrace  at  Please mention MTV’s True Life in the subject line of your email.

You can also call us toll free at:  888-965-6696.

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