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OmniTrace Assists Creators Of Extreme Makeover and Secret Millionaire!


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Did you make the difficult decision to give a child up for adoption?

Have you been searching for a parent, child, or sibling and exhausted your resources? 

If so, award-winning documentary producers want to hear about your experiences for a new network television program – and help!

The show will explore the profound issues involved when families separate and the lengths some go to reunite, find answers, and discover lost family.

Are you searching for a loved one?

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  1. Veronica Catlett says:

    I was born February 5th 1983, yesterday was my 26th birthday and the one thing that I wanted was to find my birth mom. I know she was young and had two small kids at the time of my birth. I just want to know if I look like her, or do I talk like her, or do we think alike? I’m glad that she gave me to a family that could take care of me. She really did me a favor…but now i want to know her and understand her. Help?

  2. ed mclean says:

    looking for son gave up at birth december 28th 1986 born springfield, sangamon county was a sealed adoption so no info is available to us.he has a mother and father that really loves him and wants whats best for him but would like to know,how he is and if he desires any contact.if you can help us find him that would be wonderful.let us know if you need additional information.

  3. melissa maxey (klopp??) says:

    hello. My name is melissa maxey (maiden klopp??)I have never met my father….I think his name is gordon klopp. I was born in lakeport ,ca on august 30 1967. My mothers name is diane shrum (maiden name reid). She says she doesnt know barely anything about him..but i know shes holding something back. I have never even seen a picture of my father…and just learned of his name…People say he went by the alias of “butch Klein” But the truth is hard to find. PLEASE…if anyone has any information…PLEASE email me…I REALLY would like to know who my family is …he has grandchildren and a dughter he has never even met…he wouldnt have been able to even find me because my mother gave me a different last name of “maxey”…PLEASE email me with any information

  4. Biannah Francis says:

    My name is Biannah Francis i am a 18 year oldnhigh school student.. when my mother was 14 she had a baby girl that she unofficially named courtney on december 3, 1986 in Indianapolis, indiana. my mother was forced to give her up ,due to her age. it was a sealed adoption so my mother was unable to know or find out anything about her child. since the day i found out about this i have always wanted to know this person that i may already know. i want to know if she is still alive, if i have any nieces and nephews, is she successful, is she happy, does she know that she was adopted….any many more things that i think about every me with any information

  5. Teresa Hicks says:

    My name is Teresa Hicks(Green). I am 40 years old. I have just rescently lost my dad due to a terible accident. I learned that prior to his marriage to my mother he had been married to a woman named Sandra and I think her maiden name was Thomas. They were married in or around Memphis tennessee and resided there during their short marriage. They had a son named Richard. I believe that after my dad and Sandra divorced, Sandra’s parents, last name Thomas, adopted him. I would love to find him. I know that we are grown now and he might not be interested but I fee that this si something that I have to do to satisfy myself. To help feel a small void that I feel like I have in my life. If there s anyway that you all can help, it would be greatfully appreciated.

  6. Jasmine Martinez says:

    Hello my name is jasmine martinez i just turned 20 on feb8th i been in foster care sence i was a todler. i been to 6homes i finally met a family that loved me for eho i am no matter what i have to older brother in the same situation i got adopted when i was ten years old . my goal is for one day i could met my mom and other family members i heard alot of times that my was dead i just want proof all i know is what people told me when i was younger and that was that my mom died a year after i was born. i just want to know that i have family out there thanks .

  7. Erica Billingsley says:

    I am looking for both birth parents. I was born on October 15, 1982 in El Paso, TX to a 16 year old girl and a 19 year old male, my mother worked at a bookstore, my father was in college for business, my mothers father was in the military at that time and may have lived on the base there. she had me c-section, 9lb ?oz I want to find them for a few reasons, I have 2 children now and really need to know my medical history, I want to know any sisters or brothers, I have been looking so long and hoping one day I can just find them and close this hole I have in my life. I don’t want to have the regret for the rest of my life of not ever knowing my other family.

  8. Tara Tuggle (daniels) says:

    😥 hello I am sorry I am not related but I thought I was at first but I am new at this and you said that you have been looking for a while I was woundering if you would have any tips should I start looking or not?

  9. Tara Tuggle (daniels) says:

    I am looking for my sister she was born and adopted in Florida. She is about 18-19 now her name was Brandy Daniels do not know if it is the same still please help me!! ❓

  10. Angie says:

    I posted earlier and need to clarify that I am not the actual mother lookin for her son. My aunt ask me to help her find the baby boy that she adopted out. My aunt was recently diagnosed with diabetis and is concerned for the child she adopted out, and has always wasnted to find him. It was a baby boy, last name was Turner, born September 1970 in the Muskogee General Hospital, Muskogee, Oklahoma. The doctor was Dr. Mike Fite. Any help is so greatly appreciated.

  11. Melissa Carter says:

    I was born on 04/10/78. I was adopted on 05/31/78 through the Children’s Home Society in Jacksonville, FL. I have a half sister 2 years older then me who was also adopted through the Children’s Home Society. She found me when she turned 18. We have the same mother. My sisters name is Stacy Hartman (maiden name is Strassen). I have 4 girls of my own ages 9,8,4,and 2. I almost lost my life in February and in those moments I realized life is fleeting and you have to grab life by the horns and have no regrets. I regret not finding my biological parents. I need to do this not only for myself but for my girls we need to know if this medical problem is genetic. I don’t want to leave this world worried that my girls will have this. I need help. PLEASE anything you can offer to help we would be grateful.

  12. Rajeeyah C Howard says:

    Hello My name is Rajeeyah C Howard I was born October 3,1979 in Newark New Jersey. I was given up for adoption at the age of 2 years old. My birth name was Rajeeyah Jamala Davis I was born to a birth mother by the name of Debra ann Davis. I know i was the youngest of four children at the time, 2 older sisters and one older brother I made up the fourth child being the age of 2. I do not remember much due to the fact that I was placed in 8 different foster homes until I was adoptied. I don’t know how much of imformation you could tell me but something is better then nothing. I have been on this search for a long time and every where i look leads me too a dead end. I went to vital statics and they told me my case was closed and that they destroy all orginal files which i find that hard to beleive. I feel as thoe I am a grown women and am entitled to my own history I know nothing I could die one day and never know from what I Know nothing I have Four boys Who have family out there as well I would just like to see there faces see if they look like me I want this chapter in my life closed hoping that some one can tell me the truth. I am sorry about all the grammer issues in this letter I am just trying to locate my birth family. YOu could contact me trough my e-mail because my phone is not on right now It should be on 4-14-09 With a georgia Number. Once again I hope your serious Ms. Rajeeyah Howard.

  13. shelbie leeper says:

    hi im looking for my friend Jasmine Martinez she is probably the ages 14 through 16 and she used to live in Clevland Ohio but i can get ahold of her and she has a bad past her mom tried to kill her dad please if you know anything about this or a story like hers let me know im so worried about her i havent seen her in 4 years! she had long brown hair and brown eyes and dark but not black skin last time i saw her 😥

  14. shelbie leeper says:

    please she is all i have left we under stood each other and a friend like her comes only 1 in a persons life time please help me find her ❗ :sad:

  15. William Thorp says:

    hi im looking for my birth mother, her name is the fey saunders, i was born in honolulu hawaii, and she was 16 yrs old when she had me, i live in augusta, Maine know. i will be turning 33 in august, i would be a blessing to find her ❗ 😆

  16. Nancy Clausen says:

    To Melissa Maxey, not sure if I know who your father is, but there are definitely some coincidences of a gordon Klopp I used to know in 1972– he also went by a nickname of Butch– never heard the name Klein, I heard him use Gordon Karles, This particular Gordon Klopp’s family was in either in Norwalk or Whittier CA— Can help you piece together some things if this is him. I don’t know where he is now, but it might get you closer if this is the same Gordon Klopp.


  17. Renee Merkel says:

    My name is Renee Merkel (maiden name Bankes), I regretfully gave up my son for adoption when I was 17 years old. I am now 56 and have been looking for my birth son, Allen Paul Bankes, for many years to no avail. I am posted on numerous search sights and notified the NJ Division of Youth and Family Services that I am looking for Allen. Allen was born 3/14/1970 at Philadelphia General Hospital. His non ID info said that the AParents were married in 1964. The AMother was born in 1940 in New York, Jewish and worked as a high shcool history teacher. Ahe AFather was born in 1932 in New York, Jewish and a civil engineer. The final adoption was around October 1972. I am still hopeful that I can find him and that he would like to meet me. Truly Hopeful, Renee Merkel

  18. damen brown says:

    hi my name is damen brown i have a lost puerto ricans i m half white and half puerto rican now i live my white but i want to meet my puerto rican family i was born in phiadelphia,pa my father nickname polo he is puerto rican and my mom die went i was a baby and later down the road my dad die i don,t know his real name now i m 13 year old live with my grandmom in buck county i know my dad family family in phiadelphia some where i hope to meet them i have a lot of missing uncle,aunt,counis. from that family i m deaf in my left ear and in my right ear i m wearing a hearingaid i have one cousin to hang with on my mom side i know i have alot of cousin on my dad side because some one he have alot of sister and brother want to them so bad but i have a hard time trying to find them online because i have no name the only
    name i have is my dad nickname polo i want to go to phiadelphia police deptapartment to see if had a record but you go to pay for and we effort that i love my puerto rican heritage there no to clebrate with on the puerto rican day because i m the one who is half puerto rican in my family pulse i m tan a litlle bit also i look like one i don,t relly fell comfort in my family i want to meet my puerto rican
    please help me :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: i m dyeing to meet this is no lie :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: help please i really need this help