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No Find No Fee Search (caution-not as good as it sounds)

No Find No Fee Search

There are a number of posts and articles on the Internet advocating no find no fee birth family search services.  The sources of these posts and articles may have good intentions but apparently do not understand what is involved with adoption related searching.

OmniTrace estimates we have successfully located and reunited more birth parents and adoptees than all no find no fee search services combined! Our staff of private investigators and genealogists have learned nearly every legal nuance and trick of the trade available to find birth parents and adoptees, and we are constantly updating our resources.  When we conduct a birth parent or adoptee search, we leave no stone unturned.

Like most professional service related companies (and unlike no find no fee search services), we request our clients make a payment or a down payment when we begin their search.  Why?  This allows us to afford and perform all of the necessary research procedures to reunite our clients with their birth family members. Our fair and affordable fee covers the costs of our – proprietary databases – outside researchers – client’s non-identifying information – telephone calls – vital records – in-house investigative staff – reunion registry sign-up fees – travel expenses – court fees – copy costs – mailing costs, etc.

So, what do we have against no find no fee search services?  Here’s a list:

  • Most no find no fee search companies and individual researchers cherry pick the easiest cases and avoid more difficult cases.  They do this because they cannot afford to expend the necessary time and effort and incur the costs on cases they may not successfully resolve and therefore not receive payment.
  • Most no find no fee search companies and individual researchers are only capable of searching in one or two states.  You’ll find many no find no fee advocates advertising California searches where the cherry picking is very prevalent.
  • Most no find no fee search companies and individual researchers are not licensed private investigators.  Do you really want to trust them with your personal information and private papers such as your amended birth certificate?
  • Most no find no fee search companies and individual researchers, since they are not licensed private investigators, may actually be performing an illegal service and violating their home state laws.
  • Most no find no fee search companies and individual researchers lack the experience and resources of seasoned and experienced private investigators.
  • If they happen to be successful with a search, they may charge a huge fee, with some companies charging from $2500.00 to $3000.00.

For those of you who have already contacted a no find no fee search service and been informed that your search was not viable, your case was likely not a “cherry” they wanted to pick.  Please contact us at 1-888-965-6696 for a FREE and FRIENDLY search consultation.  We will answer any questions you may have about your search, and if you are so inclined, we’ll begin the process of reuniting you with your birth family members. You can also email us at:

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  1. Sandra M. Irwin says:

    I am looking for my daughter. She was born 4/11/77 @ 5:53pm @ the University Hospital in Jackson, Ms. I gave her up for adoption through the Ms Childrens Home Society in Jackson Ms. Her name was changed at adoption. It was a sealed record. I named her Daisy Jane McLean.

  2. Evan Garrett says:

    I am looking for my biological mother I was born 2/4/89 in Fort Wayne, IN. All I know is that she was in the military but I don’t know what branch of service.

  3. Kimberly Maberry Paylor says:

    I am looking for my birth mother and family! I was born 11/25/1983 in Lansing,MI at Sparrow Hospital the only thing I know about my mother is that she was very young when I was born.