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How To Find Your Adopted Child

How To Find Adopted Child

Here is additional information on how to find your adopted child.  This post complements our previous article:  Find Adoptee | Search By Date Of Birth Of Child, which we strongly suggest you read first.

Your adopted child’s date of birth, along with just a bit more information about the adoption and the adopting parents may be all you need to find your adopted child.

Our OmniTrace researchers have a lot of experience working with birth mothers attempting to find their adopted child.  We understand how much stress you were under during your pregnancy up until your child was adopted.  There is, of course, a lot you may not recall.  So, you should make every attempt to interview anyone who knew you during that time period.

Of course we understand that anyone who had knowledge of the adoption may now be deceased, or perhaps no one you know has anything helpful to provide you.  But, just in case, attempt to speak with:

  • Your parents–if they helped you facilitate the adoption.
  • Other members of your family– if they have any knowledge (e.g.: aunt, uncle).
  • Friends of your parents to see if they were told anything–they may recall some small morsel about the adoption and your adopted child that might assist you.
  • Former neighbors of your parents during the time of your pregnancy– to see if they were told anything.  There is a chance that your parents shared some information about the adoption with them.  Make sure that you bring some pictures of yourself taken around the time of your pregnancy.  These may jar memories.
  • Your family physician and/or birth physician during the time of your pregnancy–if the family physician and/or birth physician is still alive, they may recall something about the adopting parents and/or circumstances surrounding the adoption.
  • Your family attorney during the time of your pregnancy– if an attorney handled the adoption, contact him/her for information.  If the attorney is deceased, he may have left his records with a partner or a family member that took over his practice.

Okay, so hopefully you have found someone to speak with who has information about the adoption.  Make sure you review and have all the facts at hand that you have developed to date.  Try to conduct your interview in person; you may obtain more details this way than by phone or letter.  There may be many small bits and pieces of information that they might have that they don’t realize are important.   Write a list of everything that you want to cover.  At the very minimum, you’ll want to ask:

  • What can you tell me about the adopting family?
  • Where were the adopting parents residing when the baby was born?
  • Do you recall the adopting parents names?
  • What were the ages the adoption parents?
  • Do you know if the adopting parents had any other children (adopted or natural)?
  • What was the educational background of the adopting parents?
  • What was the religion of the adopting parents?
  • When did the adopting parents pick up the baby?
  • Do you know if the adopting parents paid any of my medical bills?
  • Did you ever see the adopting parents?  If yes, can you describe them?
  • Can you recall any information about the birth physician?
  • Can you recall any information about the adoption agency?
  • Can you recall any information about the adoption attorney?
  • Do you recall the names of any social workers?
  • Was my child placed in foster care?
  • When was the adoption of my child finalized?
  • Did we receive a legal notice of adoption by mail or in a legal newspaper?
  • Was my birth child named at birth?
  • Do you recall what name the adopting parents gave to my birth child?
  • Did the adopting family ever try to make contact with me? Did they send any letters, photos, or mementos to my parents that were withheld from me?

Your interview may go in many directions.  You may be told something that surprises you, and you may forget to ask everything that you had planned.  So, be sure to cover all the questions that you have on your list. And, write everything down!

Shortly, we are going to post articles on:  (1) contacting the adoption agency (2) contacting the birth hospital and (3) we’ll address some secret methods that professional search companies like OmniTrace use to find an adopted child when you have reached a dead end and all seems hopeless.

Please post a comment if you have any questions.

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  1. Heather cook says:

    I’m looking for my aunt she was adopted when she was little theonly information i have is she was born donna hansbarger she was born May of 1967 my name is Heather cook if anybody has any information on her plz contact me

  2. Sylvia says:

    Hi, my name is Sylvia. I am looking for my nephew. He was adopted
    out by cps in Fayetteville,NC. in 1998. He was born at Cape Fear Valley
    Hospital in Fayetteville,NC. His birth name was Leevester Gadson. Born
    on 9/21/96. His nickname was ” fat jaws ” His birth parents names are:
    Leevester Gadson & Felicia Karen Campbell. He might be adopted to a
    family in Fayetteville,NC or Hope Mills,NC area. Anyone with any information
    please email me at

  3. Brian says:

    I am looking for my birth daughter. All I know is that she was born in november of 1970 in Arizona, her birth mother’s name is Mary Kay Hasse, and her given name is Tiffany.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Still searching for baby girl given up at birth.
    Name at birth Ramona , was born on 1-24-1963.
    Born in Wisconsin. Please contact me if you read this. I don’t want to disrupt your life just would love to know how you are doing and tell you the reason why I had to leave you go and for you to meet your siblings.

  5. Denisse Vasquez says:

    I am looking for a 7 year old little girl who was my currents baby sitter past foster child her name at the time was Mackenzie Champange Crayton ..

  6. calinda says:

    I have to girls one named ebony her sister imunique they were adopted ebony birthday jan27 her sister imunique with her they did live inlago land out there some where

  7. calinda says:

    I love my girls just wanna find them let them know who I am

  8. Marcia says:

    I am the birth mom of my daughter, Erin ? I don’t know her last name. I have called the adoption agency to find Erin, because she is now 19 yrs old. If anyone knows what else I can do, I would greatly appreciate the help.Y
    God Bless, marcia

  9. Saundra says:

    I am looking for my birth daughters. I just want to know if they’re OK,let them know that I love them very much & think of them everyday, Say I’m sorry & tell them what happened.

    Chantelle Renee’ (Reynolds) DOB: 11/25/1996, currently 17 yo, born in Poplar Bluff, MO. Taken by CPS 2003 & adopted June 2005.
    Savanah Jo (Spurlin) DOB: 12/12/1998, currently 15 yo, born in Lafayette, IN. Taken by CPS 2003 & adopted June 2005. Cheyenne Renee’ Jo (Cornell) DOB: 09/01/2005, currently 8 yo, born in Lafayette, IN. Taken by CPS September 2005 & adopted in 2006.
    I know all 3 daughters were adopted by the same family. I was told that the adopted family has 1 natural child (a son). I was told that adopted family lived on a farm or out in the country near Madison, IN.
    Thank you,

  10. Lou-Anne says:

    Hello I am looking for my parents, I was born in Denver colorado, her name might be Heather Davis, It was born 17 years ago, 10th of december 1996.

    Please contact me if you wish

    lots of love


  11. Miranda Pillay says:

    I’m looking for my niece, born 27th April 1996, in Joburg Gen. My siters name is Pam pillay, DOB 01/08/1976. She was adopted through the joburg child welfare. Any information will be highly appreciated!

  12. Cindy Smith says:

    I’m looking for my niece she was born October 14 1987 & I believe she was adopted out in 1988.Her birth name was Desiree Angelica Gay.I have been looking for her since then haven’t had any luck please if anybody can help please feel free to contact me.

  13. Suzanna says:

    I am in search of three children Ashely Nichile Porter born September 4th 1989 adopted in 1995.
    Philip Edward Porter 3rd born July 26, 1992 adopted 1995
    Joshua David Porter born October 19th 1994 adopted 1995
    Biological parents Suzanna Gay Porter born October 1 1962
    Philip Edward Porter 2nd born 1964. They were taken from me while I was in prison and my husband was suspected of child sexual abuse. I divorced him and fought tooth and nail to get my children out of the clutches of no avail.

    • Suzanna says:

      They were all born in Las Vegas Nevada and were adopted out by DCFS Valarie Ateyiah was the case worker

  14. katrina says:

    I am looking for my brother. He was born on the 9th of June in 1982 to a Laura J Townson.he has a brother n sister on this side of hi family. If you know anything please contact

  15. Katrina H. says:

    I am looking for my niece born January 9th, 2002. Her legal name is Shyanne Evette Morton but I think she had her name changed and has since moved out of state. She was born in Chester, S.C. and was residing in Rock Hill S.C. when she was adopted through the system. Please contact me with any information. I don’t want to take her from her current home I would just like for her to know her cousins and her aunts and her one and only uncle. Thanks all I have been looking for my niece for years now with no luck. I’m not sure what the adoption agency is named but the case worker was Maury Wilkes from Rock Hill, S.C. Again thank you all so much

  16. Larry Mottweiler says:

    We are looking for our granddaughter. Her birth name was Alicia Ann Mottweiler and she was born March 5, 1999 at South Bend Memorial Hospital, South Bend Indiana. Her parents (our son and girlfriend) were living in Niles Michigan at the time of her birth. We believe she was adopted out from the Berrien County Michigan Family Services. We signed papers allowing us to be found by her. We would love to have her contact us as we think about her every day. Please contact us.

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