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Good News From OmniTrace About Finding Birth Family…

Good News – OmniTrace Is Finding Birth Family All Over The USA


I cannot thank you and OmniTrace enough!  You found my birth family.

I spoke with Theresa and Rosalie, and their father.  They are going to send me pictures of my birth mother.  They were very excited to hear about me, and Theresa’s son was happy he had another “uncle” now.

Theresa also put me in touch with the older siblings, James and Russell.  I spent the entire weekend speaking with my birth family.  They couldn’t have been nicer.

Also, they were unaware that there was another sibling, a sister, put up for adoption.

We are currently making plans for when we can all meet.  I get up to New York quite often and it’s a short trip from there to Connecticut.  I can meet with James, Theresa, Rosalie and my birth mother’s husband when I go up  next time.

Russell is in California, as is Luann, who is the oldest.  She may not want to speak with me, she apparently has a drug dependency problem.

Again, they couldn’t have been better about receiving this news.  It’s nice to close this chapter, and to have several new found friends, I mean birth family!


Walter S.”

“Dear Chris,


I absolutely cannot thank you enough for the continued search for Kathryn with the correct spelling and the birthdate.  You are the best!!!!!

Yes, you found my birth mother.  I just got off the phone with her and yep!  It’s her.  So, label me one of your success stories.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  She could NOT be happier to hear from me even after 50 years……she is thrilled that she now has 3 biological grandchildren too.

Thank you again.


Maurelle A.”

“Dear OmniTrace,

As of February 12, I now know who my birth father is.  Because of you and your services you have brought two birth families together for the first time since I was conceived.

This has torn through my heart for years not knowing who my birth father and birth family was and only being told bad things about him in order for me to never become curious and search.

Because of you and your employees’ hard work and efforts of not giving up and answering my prayers you have brought my birth family back into my life.  You have given me the chance I have longed to get of knowing who my real birth father is.

I want to thank you for committing your life and time to my search and not giving up as I know how hard this must have been.  I know a lot people out there don’t have the answers I have today and with just a little bit of information they too can put their search to rest by placing they’re trust in you like I did.

If I could ever have known that Omnitrace existed, I would have never spent my time and money on the other things I have done to try and accomplish my goals of finding my birth father, I wished someone could have directed me to OmniTrace before now, but that’s o.k. We all live and learn like I have.  My dreams and prayers have come true and I am absolutely blown away from the outcome of this entire ordeal.

Thank you and God Bless all of you from the bottom of my heart.


Brenda B.”

” Hello Candice and Omnitrace,

Sorry to be so late on getting back with you . Things have went well so far . I’ve been in contact with my birth family…Birth mother, birth brother-Greg and one birth sister, Pamela. Thanks so much. As it was, I would not have been able to track them down on my own. They had moved over 40 times in 35+ years!

Guess that’s where my Roaming blood came from!!

You guys did a fantastic job, in all of about 6 weeks from start to finish, remarkeable!

Again, thanks so much for giving us closure on a big question mark that’s been over us for many years.

Sincerely ,
Steve and Shirlene B.”

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