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Testimonial – Birth Father Found!

Thank you so much!!!  You found my birth father after 21 years of not knowing where he was.  I have been in contact with him and am now building the relationship we never had the chance to make!!  I will tell everyone about your site!!  You are a gift from God!!! THANK YOU!!!! Love,  Beverly M.

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  1. Dennis says:

    I am a 57 year old male. I was born at Anchor Hospital in Saint Paul, Minnesota @ 6:17 am on May 5,1956. My mother’s maiden name is Van Alstine. Her married name to her previous husband who passed away was Smith. My biological Father’s name is Jack Monty listed on the birth certificate as no middle name. He supposedly knew or was aquainted with my then future step-father Elmer Emil Alfred Kurth or Al as he was always called. My biological father (Jack Monty) might have been about 6’8″ possibly with blue eyes. My mother and Jack may have met at a place called the Golden Rule in downtown Saint Paul. My mother would have been 28-29 when I was born. So i figure my biological father would have been between 25-36. I would like to meet him if he is still alive and find out medical history, do we look alike, are there any siblings and show him his granddaugter. If anyone has any info please let me know. My mom told me once that biological told my step-dad that he had better take good care of me before we left for Colorodo (step-dad). so I know he loved me.

  2. Eva says:

    PLEASE help me find my father living or dead they were divorced when I was 8 -9 months old I have no idea who he is if I have brothers and or sister every place I have searched have come up nothing I’m 70 years old I just need to know if he knew me if he cared if I have any family please help me I need to know my family before I die

  3. Eva says:

    help me find my family Ira George Morrison is my fathers name I never knew him they ma and dad were divorced by the time I was 9 months old ma got rid of all of his pictures etc. I have no idea what he looks like if he is living etc PLEASE PLEASE help me I just need to know if I have brothers sisters aunts uncles anybody that is related to me I have no idea my mother never told me anything please help me i’m 70 I need to know before I die

  4. Melody says:

    I am searching for my moms one night stand that was my father.
    I was born in early Oct. 1963
    I was conceived by a then ,guess(Anthony Tesster, tesler,tessatore){not sure of last name}.
    Fuller Brush salesman who was married.
    Met up with a waitress(my mother) Mary Sue Morelock
    they met at her work, a restaurant in New Jersey.
    Your “Date” was a steakhouse dinner and then creating me.
    She was 19, 5″8, dark hair, blue eyes, heavyset, born in Bristol Virginia. Lived in Washington DC.

  5. Phyllis Dorman says:

    Hello my name is Phyllis Dorman and I am 49 years old and I haven’t see my real father all of my life!!! My aunt told me that hos first name is Mike an he works at Westover air force ! My mom and he met there in Chicopee mass around 1963 and i was born at Aug 1964 , I don’t know about thier relationship at all I really want to meet him because I have a bad disease that will not be cured!!! Pls help me out!!!! Thanks

  6. Chantel Hodgins says:

    Hello I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba born and raised. I am looking for my birth father, goes by the name of Dusty Hodgins. He has a sister named Holly Hodgins. They were adopted by a Sheldon Hodgins when they were teens… I have met the man one time and he was living in the slums of Winnipeg city living off the government… either way, I am looking for this man, if there is any help out there as to where he could be found please contact me. thank you

  7. Bradley says:

    Hi im bradley i need help finding my real dad he got sent to prison befor i was born i dont even no his name if anyone could suggest anything useful that i could use please do

  8. kendra says:

    Looking for my father, I’m 18 and he hasn’t been around my whole life. in and oit of prison. lived in Oklahoma and also colorado, he should be between ages 40-50. Name of him is terry chambers! Can anyone please help. I just wanna know if he knows about me or if his side of the family knows. who knows maybe there looking for me too.

  9. Selma mbabi says:

    please help me to find my father living or dead. I’m Selma Mbambi born in 1984 my mother’s name is Justine Iyambo she was a housekeeper. I understand his name is Cornelius Witbooi a old employee for TCL Copper Mine in Tsumeb Namibia. I have no idea who he is if I have brother or sister, every place I search I come up with nothing.

  10. Sharon says:

    How is it possible to locate the family of an old or deceased father, when you have nothing to go on? My mother either will not, or cannot tell me his name. I am 69 years old. Do I have siblings? Would really like to know the other side of my family. I’m at a dead-end with

    • Rena says:

      I can relate with being at a dead-end with Their census is only current to like 1970. The only thing I could find there was my bio dad’s parents names from 1948 voter’s list. The only way to find my dad is to pay a lot if money to a private detective . They have more list than any of us can get… I really wish you luck… It is emotionally draining and hard on the heart.

  11. Cerstin Collins says:

    Hello my name is Cerstin And I have a twin sister named Carmen we was born and raised in Germany my mom’s name is Rosemarie Jackson her maden Name is Trebing. Me and my Twin Sister been looking for our birthdfather we only know that he was station in Giessen Germany and his Name Is Robert A Johnson and doing his time in Germany he went back to the USA and And Married a lady named Patricia J Parker in Date of Marrieg 03/08/1073. Place Jefferson County in Kentucky. I wish that me and my Sister would find him. So we can finally get peace of mind and heart.

  12. Cindy says:

    About 8 years ago my Mother decided to tell me that my Dad was not my real Father. She said that when she and my Dad lived in Detroit she met a man and had an affair. My Mom and Dad were in Detroit because my Dad was doing his internship at the Children’s Hospital at that time. Long working hours left my Mom alone a lot with my 4 year old Sister. Apparently my Mother was starved for attention and took up with my biological Father. My Mother is 91 years old now and even 8 years ago her memory had faded. She said his name was Johnny Marx but that is all she could tell me. I am not sure if it is spelled with an x or as Marks. I heard he was Itslian and possibly some ties to the mob at that time.
    I would love to know if he is still alive or if I have any half brothers or sisters out there…My Dad that raised me was of German descent. I never felt a part if that. I always loved Italy and Italian food, ever since I could remember. I always wanted a big, loud, loving Family.
    Can you help me????

  13. Looking for my father says:

    My name is Ruth, M, Wallerlei and I’m looking for my biological father.

    He was a high Officer in the Navy and spoke English and was in the period of June 1967 in Dutch Guyana (now Suriname).

    I was born IN APRIL 1968

    It is a White (English speaking) man.

    I don’t know where I should start.

    He had a relationship with a certain Fridge Blokland in Suriname, Paramaribo.

    If someone reads for example an officer of the army, you can approach me.

  14. Brittany says:

    My name is Brittany I was born June 23 1987 at Riverside Methodist Hospital my moms name is Patricia Diesel. My fathers name is Doak Simpson. all my life i was told that my father was killed in a car accident. Recentlly i got on facebook and found a man that has the same name as my father. I took a picture of the man and sent it to my mother. She called me and asked me how i had a picture of my dad. On his facebook it says he lives in west palm beach florida. I have no idea where to go from here. I have tried to contact him with no luck…. Any suggestions????

  15. Amanda Feinauer says:

    I am looking for my biological father. I was born in January of 1988 in Baltimore, MD. My mother and father wereboth in the army aND stationed there. All I know is my he was originally from Illinois. My mother from Michigan where she moved back to with me. My biological father would have been 23 when I was born. His name is Mark Kerns. That is all I know. I wish to at least know what he looked like if nothing else. My mom sent him pictures of me when I was born, but after that contact was lost. I’ve never met him or seen a picture of him. I’d love some answers!

  16. Valarie says:

    Hello! I need help looking for my biological father named Frederick John McGinnis. I am 54 years old and i lived with my narcisstic mother who tried to keep me away from my father since i was 11 years old and wanted answers from him regarding abuse and plus healthwise. I only know my grandparents ( Fred McGinnis & Anne Kennedy) and my uncles name ( Timothy McGinnis) but i wasnt allowed to know anything else thru my mother. I was born at Rose Hospital in Los Aneles, Calif. And we all lived in the same city called Culver City, Calif. I need some answers even if my uncle timothy is alive either to find out about medical issues and if he knew any answers about anything on my father. I have paid out so much money and seems like my biological family doesnt exist which is hurting me tremousdously. I wanted answers while i`m able to stay alive thru my sickness.

  17. Juli says:

    I never thought I would need this but…
    I am looking for my bio-dad and all I know is that he was an ammunition inspector student at the Savanna Army Depot in Savanna Illinois around October 1961. Mom’s name is Dona Ramirez, her maiden name is Harvey. After her death I found a letter she had written to her aunt but she only called him her “lover”.

  18. Jasmine says:

    Hi ..My name is Jasmine I was born in South Bend Indiana and raised in Gary Indiana . My mother moved shortly after she gave Birth to me . I’m 18 years old now I never met my father his name is George Ray Chambler . My mothers name is Charleane Vaughn also my aunt name is Charletta Summers she has a Day care if anybody kno this man plz help ;) been looking my whole life .!

  19. Bob says:

    Hi am looking for my biological Father just found out his last name Valentine. I was born in 1964 at Fairview Hospital Cuyahoga county Ohio. Please anyone knows him or his kids that he had before me. I’m turning 50 yrs old this year it would be so awesome to meet my father and hopefully my mother too! Thank you

  20. Ginny says:

    I am looking for my husbands father. We don’t have much information about him. We know that his name is Ernest English, he was in the Air Force and stationed at Lowry Air Force Base in Aurora CO, in 1968. My husband never got the blessing of meeting his father, not by any fault of my husband or his dad. If anyone knows anything, it’s very hard for a man to know nothing about his father. I want to bless my husband with the gift of knowing his dad. Thank you so much!

  21. Samantha O'Hair says:

    My name is Samantha Faith O’Hair. My mother was Debbie O’Hair. She passed away in 2003 from a massive brain annuryisum. I was born in Dallas, Texas on June 8, 1992. I ended up having severe mecconium aspiration syndrome was on ECMO for about 3 weeks. I am wanting to find my birth father or just want to see what he looks like, medical issues if any and if we are similar in any way. His name is Johnathan Earl Barton and I believe lived in Dallas area and at the time was a security guard for the apartments my mom managed I dont kno if he was a cop as well. Mymom said she told him she was pregnant with me annd he left because he had another family. My sister told me we left Texas without her ever telling him. Left when I was 3. I remb when I was about 9 my mom had tried contacting him threw DHS but no respond.

  22. Maurice Green says:

    Hello ..

    My name is Cloe my husband Maurice and i need tot know huis DAd. His dad Randy D Green. Lives in yakima Seattle Ages: 55/59. I also know he have 2 brothers Rickey Green andere Ronny Green. Randy is married with Anna green. I hope you cant find him bexause he is grand pa..

  23. Jeffery Osterman says:

    Im looking for my father he left when i was 2 months old i am 26 now i know of to possible men kenneth james osterman an john brent johnston or johnson an from what my mother said is that the were abouts are from Oklahoma, Phoenix Arizona an California

  24. terie says:

    My name is terie louise wilson im trying to find my dad all i know is his name is phillip richard collo and he lives in wrexham help please

  25. Donna Jenkins says:

    I am searching for a sibling born in 1955-1957 all I know is the mother went by the name Chicky and my father lived in the Scottsdale/Tempe AZ area his parents were Jean & Ray brother Ben sister Gladys. His name Tom. This information should be enough if your whom I am looking for.

  26. Donna Jenkins says:

    I am looking for a sibling I know whether you are male or female all I know is my father get a woman named CHICKY and she became pregnant. I know there was a child born. I know the years worth it 1955 to 1957. and my father lived in the Scottsdale Tempe Arizona area she was 16 years old. his parents names are Jean & Ray, brother Ben sister Gladys. if you are the right person this information would make sense to youplease contact me donnajenkinscroft at g mail

  27. Hannah says:

    My name is Hannah my mother is Rebecca. I never have met my father. I dont know what he looks like how tall or anything. I don’t even know if he wants to meet me or even ever wanted me.but i know he was in jail and im sure this sight does not work. But i have adhd. Medium brown hair and hazel eyes. Im looking for you and your diffrent life.. or family.

  28. looking4biodad says:

    Hi, I am looking for a Kenneth Smith around 37 years old who once lived in florida in the 90′s (Everglades City, Cocoa Beach, West Palm and was once told had family from possibly Kansas). Im over 18 and no one is looking for child support, just want to let him know he has a child. Thank you.

  29. johnathan von grote says:

    I was born 1991 in Puallup.WA Sept. 8th.Moms name Stefanie Green.She had a one night stand.He was from Auburn WA.They met at a party I believe was in Orting WA.His wallet they believe was stolen that night.He does not know she got pregenant. No name or picture available.

  30. Elvia says:

    Hi my name is Elvia Aurora and I really want to find my father. I’m 19yr and I’m looking for my father name Mario Umana I don’t know anything of him except a picture of him. I never met him in my whole life and I would me happy if I can meet him before I get marry. He should be around age 49-50yr he’s from costa rica. Last time I know he was in florida. I’m Hispanic and he was with my mother Margaret Vasquez. I would be grateful if you guys can help me find anything about my father before I get marry. I would like him to meet my fincee and want him to be their for me in my happiest one time moment.

  31. Adriana says:

    Hi, please help
    I also found out that my father is not my father. I know he used to live in Newlands, johannesburg. What i do know is he’s mothers name is Sannie Obeeholzer and hes father name is Pieter Oberholzer. He’s name is Pieter Oberholzer and is birn in 1962.

    he have twi kids, the girl died but the brother is still alive, hes name is Pieter as well. Please help me with advice.

  32. Kristy says:

    Please help I need to find my biological father (Derrick Amos) my mother and him spilt up since I was a year old and I can’t find him any where and I was born 07/19/1991 in Fayetteville and I need information and his age maybe 50s and I would love to contact him. I need more information thanks

  33. Shelbee says:

    Hi! Im 20 years old and I would like to find my biological father. The only true leads I have are Burt Wilson age 38-41 somewhere in Minnesota and an unknown man of an unknown age in Minnesota as well. Could be a convicted criminal. Im not too sure about meeting him but I just wanna see his face and know where I truly come from. Any advice or help would be gratefufully appreciated.

  34. cindy says:

    I am 52 yrs.old and still searching for dad he was born between 1938 1940 he married my mom in 1960 in portland oregon I was born 1961 started looking when 18 mothers name is rebecca father dale gould mother lived in los angeles for a while have aunt to not sure on there names

  35. angel Natalia Lilipaly says:

    Haii, my name is Angel Natalia Lilipaly, i am 22 years old. I lived in indonesia. I was born in Jakarta,on 22 November 1991.
    Since i was born i never see my father face. Not even know his full name. I was told by my grandma that my father name is gerard or gerald i dont know which one is the right spelling becoz they sound almost the same.
    Anyway, when i am still little kid, my dad wants to take me to USA but my mom didnt want him to take me away and go with him.
    My mom torn the address that written on that paper. So my father cant find me,
    My father profession at that year around 1990s is Pilot.
    I only know that my father’s name is Gerard and he is a Pilot.
    I miss him eventhough i never know him. May God help me…to see him and let me know what is the feeling to have a father.
    Please contact me +6287861978786

  36. admin says:

    Hi Natasha. Rachel, from our office, will write you with some additional suggestions for your search.

  37. Dianna says:

    Hello my name is Dianna Jones and I am looking for my birth dad and my mom keep telling me that my dad got killed when she was pregnant with me. A man named Scott told me when I was around 14 years old that I am his daughter

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