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Testimonial – Birth Father Found!

“Thank you so much!!!  You found my birth father after 21 years of not knowing where he was.  I have been in contact with him and am now building the relationship we never had the chance to make!!  I will tell everyone about your site!!  You are a gift from God!!! THANK YOU!!!! Love,  Beverly M.”

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  1. charlesdashnaw says:

    hi i am name is charles dashnaw i know i am dad my is johnny mathis ok i am meet my dad in the 60s my mom was in her 20 and i am dad was in his 20s to i am meet iam dad in a club in the 60s i am mom was with her mom at the club that my da was he dated my mom in 1962 than i am mom get 62 than i was bone in 1963 whan i was bone my dad was on the roed a let so my dad did not see me a let but my was there whan i was bone bet my dad did not see me so i am was lift with me but i am had to give me the sate i live from home to home whan i am dad lifet i was a baby so i did not know my dad i am toll me whan i am dad life she it was hard on my dad she sad in the 60s it was not good for a w.t. woman seen with a black man so if live in the 60s you know that it was like i call a tv show so thay call my dad to see if he would come on the show and i am dad sad know so i ask the tv show to ask i am dad if he would do a dna and he sad know to the dna the show sad your dad haves some thing to h.i.d i don t what his money i what a dad but i am dad loves his money not his son i am not mad at my dad i do love i am dad he is my dad i have a son and i love i am son i wasnot thay for him and it make me mad at me not my son i just what my dad to know he haves his granson my son looks like my dad and i am son look like me and i look like i am dad here is i am address is 36 lake st apt2 webster ma.01570 so if my dad would like to talk to me i am here if he is a man he would call me i am here so here is i am number is 1-508-461-9586 i cant do it i need helpe wall see you p.s. from charlesdashnaw i have i am ugel name so if you ask you will know and you what to call me you can so god bless you

  2. tina baumgartner says:

    I’m looking for a biological half sister named ??? Brenda…Her mothers name is ??? Tracy Glover…possibly lived in las Vegas nv area in the late 1970s which is when Brenda was born…I have one picture of her, but she was only about 3 years old maybe…wearing a little yellow dress, possibly handmade. Brenda has to be born between 1978-1982 I know a big time span ….please help me find my sister…our fathers name is Richard Baumgartner….

  3. Deavyn Evans says:

    Hi, I am Deavyn and I want and need to find my real dad. My mom says his name is Eric Waldenberg and that he was in the USNavy once where she met him while deployed in Italy. He was stationed in VA at the time and that’s all we know. Except one more thing is that he is Italian as well.

  4. Lakisha Reighter says:

    Hi, my name is Lakisha reighter. I am looking for my birth father. My mother is Gretchen reighter and she told me that my fathers name was Curtis Eugene Foxx. All I know about him is that he was in the army in 1986 when I was born. I do also know that he is an African American man, my mother is Caucasian. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

  5. Debby Faithfull says:

    Hi Everyone

    I am hoping someone can help me with my search. My mother is from Forest Gate England and she was married when I was conceived, however she was having an affair and I am trying to find my blood father who apparently also lived in England. Please if anyone knows Anne Vaughan, Jean Vaughan (sister) and Paul Vaughan (brother) please email me asap.

  6. Mahmod says:

    Hello my name is Mahmod G. Aminola of Philippines in Zamboanga, I didn’t meet my father since birth, but I know he know that he has a son, he met my mom at Abhu Dhabi, and I hope you can hel me please, I’m now 21.

  7. Katie Auld says:

    I would love help locating my biological father. His name is Donald Travis, he should be in his late 50′s. He worked at Xerox in the Rochester, NY area in early 1980. He is Jewish.

  8. Donna says:

    Hello my name is Donna. I have searched for many years for a friend Martin Nieves, he worked as a sanitation worker in Hewlett long Island. He lived in East Rockaway 11518. I believe he moved from this area about 7 or 8 years ago. Can anyone help me locate him, he was a very dear friend of mine. TY

  9. aulixandra says:

    Hi.I was told my birth dad died, and when I turned 13 my mom told me that he ran away a day before I was born. He said he will come back when he went to Wal-Mart but never did. He was a druggie and he might be dead or in jail, but I don’t know. His name is Richard (and I think) Bagby. If you know anything about him please tell me. Thank you and God bless.

  10. Connie Preston says:

    Hello, My name is Connie Preston, and I’ve been searching for my birth father and had no results, except some internet searches saying he might be deceased. I really don’t have a lot of information since my mother doesn’t talk about my father at all. I have his name on my birth certificate Terrence James Preston, he was 38 when I was born in 1987, in Los Angeles county. I know he was in the Army, and , We use to live together in our home in Bellflower Ca. I believe the last time I saw my father was when I 3 years old and we were living in Southern California. Orange County area. I am very curious to find out if I have other siblings. Please contact me with any information, I’ve been searching with no lucky about my father or any family members..

    Thank you , Connie P

  11. Laura says:

    To start my birth certificate is blank under father. For almost 30 years I thought it was one man. I searched long and hard to find him only to find out according to him. He isn’t my father. Make a long story short went to go change my name w/ss when I got married they asked my fathers. Dumbfounded I gave the only one I knew of. Lady told me no she argued with me even though I proved all other info she needed. She reluctanly gave me a copy and name under father was Joseph P Gosso. My mother told me oh that was a fake name I used. I would assume he is about 62-63. I believe italian(possibly born or lived in Malta, went to umass lowell, and sold cars. Im so stuck its hard to do self identity when so much is missing

    • Katy says:

      I feel your frustration. Unfortunately my mother 58of age, says because of the stress back when she only remembers very little sadly nothing that could help. I have no name on Birth Certificate no names at all except possible Tommy and drove a Bug vw. Good luck & God Bless

  12. Jessica Lewis says:

    My fiancé is named Barry Campbell, he is 41 years old. Barry is looking for his birth father named John Campbell, he would be in his 60′s or 70′s and possibly living in the Lancaster county, Pennsylvania area.

  13. C. Best says:

    I am searching for biological Father. Father’s name is Kenneth R. Marshall from New York, New York. Reared a child with Lana Best.

  14. mikaela baker says:

    Hello my name is nikaela kristine baker I’m looking for my biologial father all I know is his first name which is Nathan my mothers name is Christina baker. All I know what about my father besides his first name is he was younger than my mother when they met. I am 18 years old and I want to met my father. It’s been 18 years dad. I’m ready met you. Will someone please help me I dont know anything more besides a first name. I don’t want to ask ny mother I want to do this on my own. My mom doesn’t know I’m doing this.

  15. Seekerofwisdom says:

    We are looking for information on Roger Nordquist. We have a photo of him with his name and the year 1972 written on the back. He may be the father of a 42 year old man born in Sudbury, ON. If you have information, please contact us.

  16. Southorn says:

    Desperate to find jim Southorn – Gaul, his youngest son has died and I know he would want to know. Last seen living in Tanzania he is an x airline pilot and can move around easily. Any help would be most appreciated.

  17. Leslie Frame says:

    hello my name is Leslie and i’m in search to find my biological father. My mother’s name is Linda frame. She has not told me much about my dad but I was named after him which she told me his name is Leslie Carlton Davis. I really want to meet him please help me find my dad. because of the lack of information from my mom I don’t know much about him but I was named after him. I have been looking for years but don’t have that much information about him. thank you

  18. Danielle says:

    Hi, my name is Danielle. I am the daughter of Christine Wagener
    I have been searching for my father for many
    Years and still come up with nothing doing web
    searches so here I am hoping someone can help.
    My fathers name is Raymond Bowen born on October between the 26th&29th I am told he was in his 20′s in 1982 when I was conceived. Blue eyes dark brown hair 6’3 was living in Chatsworth California
    He had a brother who passed away between 1981-82 in a motorcycle accident in Southern California and was moved to Walla Walla Washington for burial the cemetery is Unknow to
    me. His mothers name is Ana or Anna Weis or Weiss
    I’m not sure if she ever used the name Bowen. I have no other info on family members or locations.
    I am seeking him for my background and family history I ask nothing from him but a face and a handshake I’d like to meet him once in my lifetime just to know where I come from and possibly introduce my children. There is so much about my background that I don’t know and am in need so my children may as well know where we come from. I know I’m grasping at straws here but any help would be so very much appreciated. Thank you

  19. Emma Miller says:

    Hi my name os Emma Miller. I am looking for my birth father. My mom walked out on him when I was a baby and took me with her. My mom has told me that is name is Kenneth Oliver but he likes to go by Kenney Oliver. I have a half brother and a grandmother named Linn Conerly. Any information on these people would be amazing. I have been trying to find these people for so long but, whenever I look his name up on google it says he is dead but he hasn’t died on facebook so i’m not going to believe google for once. So if anyone has any information or you are one of thoes people that I mentioned please leave a comment with what information you have. Thank you soo much.

  20. rachael says:

    Hi my name is rachael i am 21 years old i am trying to find my dad he left my mum when i was one then got back in touch when i was 13 for a year and left again and havent heard from him since his name is james condiner he lives somewhere in edinburgh he as a wife called yvonne and to other childern alaniess and alexies and poissabley another one i am desbrate to find him as i have so many things to ask and i aslo have two children he knows nothimg about

  21. Donald says:

    H. I’m Donald Alvea and i’m looking for my american biological father who served in the navy in the Philippines(Subic naval base) in the 70′s. i was born in March of 1975. My mom’s name is Juanna Alvea Leatherman who got married to Lester Harry Leatherman in 1978. Her nickname is Winnie. From what i heard is that my dad’s first name is Michael who happened to be the bestfriend of my stepdad Lester. i don’t really know his last name cos mom won’t tell me all the important details about him for some reasons she only knows. i also have an older brother named Andrew who was born in November of 1972. My mom doesn’t know I’m doing this and like most of the children who grew up with a big empty space in their hearts because of not knowing their real fathers, i don’t wanna die not doing my part of reaching out to him and i don’t wanna leave this life just being strangers to each other. Sometimes parents do things that have repercussions on their children because of personal reasons and I’m not here to judge or hold a grudge but to know the real story that they made me a part of. I do believe i have the right to know whatever story that is.

  22. james says:

    I am looking for my dad his name is Robert j Collins his birth date is 05 / 26 /1953 last known address is bullhead AZ he is 61 years old his step dad name is Arthur Jennings Collins his step mom name is Thelma l Collins 87 not sure if there alive also found a Jennifer Lynn starr under my search I don’t have credit card to get his contact info if anyone can please help me and get me it i would be very grateful my number is 9856475551 thank you all…

  23. bobby cox says:

    looking for my half sister born between 1955 and 1958 in the Dallas/ Denton Texas area. she may not even know her fathers name Bobby cox sr. as the story goes her mother left the area with her family swearing to never let her know he existed. I was born in 1963 so she probably doesn’t know I exist.

  24. Tyler Tanner says:

    Looking for father Joseph Aaron Barber. He was 15 or 16 when I was born . He lived in Lindale TX at the time. He also has a daughter who is a little younger than me. We have different moms but same dad. I have never met any of them in my life.can anyone help me please. Last time he was seen was in Missouri. He also has a brother.

  25. Harley Ward says:

    Hello I am Harley Ward. I am looking for my boilogical dad that I learned about a few years ago. His name isAnthony Patrick Ward and He is 49. He has a half brother named Larry and had a stepr-mom named Douris that passed away a couple years ago.I discovered he lives in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. I want to nowhere or at least his email address, anything would help. It would be much appreciated.

  26. crystal says:

    My name is crystal and I hail from port shepstone trying to locate birth father for my sister Kelly Lottering. He someone who worked with my mum in say around 1991/2 at Spar, port shepstone. Goes by the name Farouk Sheik or spelt otherwise

  27. Shadow Amilcar says:

    Hi! I am looking for my dad that has got deported and i need to get in touch with him. His name is Jean Amilcar. i really miss him and i really wanna see him i dont care if i get in trouble i need him with me! My mom wants him here to but i dont know if he is dead cause i havent seen him any help please

  28. kieralee derschow says:

    Hi my name is kieralee I’m 24 and im looking for my father my mum said he was in the navy his name is timothy brooks and he live somewhere in California my father met my mother in Perth WA in Australia in 1989 I would love to meet my father and for him to meet my son so if anyone mite no timothy or if you a look for me email me please

    • kieralee derschow says:

      Mum also said it was a one night stand my mum also said she sent my father timothy brooks letters and photos of me but he did not reply back he is a African American somewhere in California

  29. Charles Davis says:

    My wife has been looking for her father for about 30 years now. His name is Charles Raymond Smith from Savannah Georgia. He was married to Caroline Bradham in 1960. They were separated after a divorce. My wife’s name is Cynthia. If anyone has any information please let us know as soon as possible.

  30. Kimberly winters says:

    I’m looking for my half sister. She was adopted out as a baby. Birthdate unknown. Birth name was Beth last name unknown. Father Kenneth lee winters. Mother unknown.

  31. rapp says:

    my grandmother was under the last name rap and my great grandmother’s last name was rapp to be known as American native American native Indians called Yavapai also I mix with Apache and Cherokee grandmother’s name was Mary rapp

  32. Chrystal ? Maddison says:

    Hi, my name is Chrystal Joy… Im 31 years of age I was born September 14 1983 to a Karen Maddison age 26 @ Bay front hospital. I am looking for my biological father. All I know is his first name is Jim and that he went to Suncoast Cathedral church in St. Petersburg fl.. He was engaged to another woman so he never wanted anything to do with me.. I dont want anything from him/you I have 2 young children and I really need to know that side of my life for them and myself. He does know he has a child but I just want to know my fathers history… if you can please help I know it a huge long shot!.!.!

  33. April melly says:

    Hi, my name is April I’m looking for my biological dad. I have grown up not knowing the truth on anything. I was told my dad name is Thomas Gregory he did photography in his home around 1987 when I was conceive and that my mom got pregnant at a Halloween party but by calculation that date and my birthdates don’t add up. He supposedly knows about having a baby. but drugs were more important. I know he has a friends name Don Faith and I have a older half sister that lived with her Aunt. I also know he live somewhere around Smyrna, Woodstock, ga area. My mom name is Kathi or Katherine and could have use Nance, Beiber, Melly or byerly as a last name. She from New jersey and has lived in California and currently lives in Georgia at time of birth she live in Lawrenceville, ga

  34. Crystal Richardson says:

    My mother has kept alot of secret’s from. One in particular is my father. I was born May 7 1981 in Grandjuction Colorado. My mother’s name is Charlene Knight. Or ,by her married name Charlene Richardson or Parker. There is no father on my birth certificate. My Grandmother has told me that his name might be James Thompson of Grangjuction ,Co. I would really like to find him. Thank you.

  35. MercedesSpicer says:

    hi my name is Mercedes and I’m looking for my birth father and I’m 21 and his name is Robert Jones if fine him tell to call Me 469 254 2059

  36. my name is Amber Franklin says:

    my name is Amber Franklin I’m looking for my father Marshall Kyle he’s about in his thirties and up I don’t know nothing else about him I’ve been looking for him I am 20 years old my birthday March 29 1994 I’m about to have my first kid February 12 of 2015 can you please help me find my father he met my mother in a bar he’s Indian black and he barely speaks English my mom said thank you

  37. Michelle Gomez says:

    Hello. My name is Michelle and I don’t know if my father is alive but I’d like to find him. His name is Jose Ramon Gomez. He is probably in his late 60′s or early 70′s. We lived in E.Harlem NY. He was a truck driver for Nabisco in 1970.

  38. anne says:

    I know the chap I am sure is my birth father had died. But I have a half brother in California. At least he was. Pleasanton area.
    Name Victor Harvey Bill. He maybe about 68 years old.
    Thank you.

  39. Ana C Perez says:

    Hello my name is Ana Perez, I’m 24 years old and I am searching for my birth father. I was born in 1990 and my mother came to Las Vegas pregnant with me is what she told me. All my mother told me was his first name and I’m not even sure if that was real but she said his name is Federico. My mother’s name is Agripina Perez and she’s from Michoacan, Mexico I want to say Morelia but not for sure but know it’s Michoacan for sure. I think my birth father could be from there as well and could still be living in Mexico some where. My godmother told me a that sometime in 2001-2002 he was looking for us by posting an ad on a newspaper here in Las Vegas so I have reason to believe he knows of me and he knows my mother came to Vegas. I’m ready to meet him & know that he might have a family and might not want a relationship with me but I just want to meet him and at least talk to him get his story as to why I never got to meet him. If I could get help with finding him I would appreciate it. I would have that emptiness filled.


  40. Raven Porter says:

    Hello, I know this is a very very big long shot. My Name is Raven Porter, I’m 21 and have been searching for my father for quite sometime. My mother lived in the Smyrna GA area in the early 90′s when she got pregnant with me. My father was her cab driver. The only information I have about my father is that he went by the Alias of Malik had at least another son and daughter. He is probably in his late 50′s or early 60′s by now. I would be happy for any information about him even just a picture to see what he looks like. Also the chance to connect with my siblings.

  41. Cheryl says:

    Hi my name is Cheryl. I was born in Toronto, April of 1982. I am looking for my birth father. My birth record says father unknown. My mother will not tell me much of anything about him all I know he was black.
    I am a biracial woman…whose birth mother is white Canadian.
    If you have any information. I would appreciate any help.

  42. Brandi Norton says:

    Hi my name is Brandi Norton. I’m 26 years old ive never met my biological father all I know of him is his name an that he used to drive semi truck during the time I was conceived my mothers maiden name was Janet Norton at the time. I was born in 1988 I was told my father’s name was David warren. I would like to meet him someday far as I know he’s in his late 60′s please help me search for him.

  43. Robert Wintle says:

    Good day, my wifes name is Rita. In 1976 she gave birth to a boy whom she named Lourens. As the father did not want anything to do with the birth etc I adopted him as my own and raised him as my own. We did however told him what the situation was when he was old enough to understand. Kately he has told my wife that he would love to meet his biological dad face to face but does not know how I will react. I am hereby requesting your assistance to help my son to find his dad. His dads name is Louis Piet Geldenhuis/Geldenhuys. His parents stayed in Valhalla in Pretoria and the kast time that I spoke to him was in 1978 just before myself and my wife got married, at that stage he was working for Atlas Aircraft Coop in the Kempton area as an elektrisian. It would be appreciated if any assistance can be supplied or helped with.
    Best regards,
    Robert Wintle

  44. Robert Wintle says:

    My wife Rita age 58 was born in Nairobi Kenya. Her mother was/is Max Nienaber who is currently in the Durban area as we understand. She was raised by her grandparents and up to today she has absolutely no idea who her father is. She was baptized Maria Magdalena Nienaber on her birth certificate. Apparently as we believe her dads sername was Louani or something close to that. It would be appreciated if any help can be given.
    Best regards,
    Robert Wintle

  45. luis says:

    I am looking for my father. I believe he still Lives in san Antonio tx, his name is Armando Rodriguez, I never knew him as a child and still never met him. Please help

  46. hi my name is brittany dawson I’m 27 years old I’m looking for my dad he is from New York City his nickname is Mac my mother name is Cynthia I was born and a Washington DC please help me I was born in 10/28/1988

  47. Auli says:

    Hi, my father left me when I was born and I am trying to find him again can you please help me and his name is Richard Bagby I think that is his last name. Anyways can you please tell me if you found him because if you do I will be truly greatful

  48. admin says:

    Hi Natasha. Rachel, from our office, will write you with some additional suggestions for your search.

  49. Dianna says:

    Hello my name is Dianna Jones and I am looking for my birth dad and my mom keep telling me that my dad got killed when she was pregnant with me. A man named Scott told me when I was around 14 years old that I am his daughter

  50. Demi Thompson says:


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