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Testimonial – Birth Father Found!

“Thank you so much!!!  You found my birth father after 21 years of not knowing where he was.  I have been in contact with him and am now building the relationship we never had the chance to make!!  I will tell everyone about your site!!  You are a gift from God!!! THANK YOU!!!! Love,  Beverly M.”

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  1. I am looking for my DAD! I was born in October 1966 in New Jersey, City. My mom was from Beaufort, SC. – Beulah “Betty” Wilson Smith died Jan. 3, 2011 in Rochester, NY. During 1965-1967, she lived with her uncle and aunt in Newark, NJ. My mother informed me that my DAD name is Walter “Peter” Wright. If you have any information please contact me – PO BOX 4203 Beaufort, SC 29903

  2. Chantai martinez says:

    My name chantai martinez and am turning 34 on june 26. I have not seen my father since 1985 when I was 5years old. His name is Emmanuel luis MARTINEZ. He and my mother were and still are married although my mother passed away in 2010. They seperated in 1983 which caused my mother and her 4 children to movefrom New Jersey to Buffalo NY. I do not know much about my father because myself and siblings had been in and out of foster homes including family members. My mother had a stroke in 1992 that affected the right side of her brain then in 2005 the final,stroke affected the left side of h

  3. Beth says:

    I am 63 years old. I am trying to find my father. I think his first name is Don but have never heard a last name. Both of my parents are gone. The circumstances of their meeting is unknown as they would never talk about it. I do know that he met her after she was pregnant with me (they never admitted that but others shared at least that much recently). Problem is they don’t know any more than that. She lived in Wray CO but they married in Idaho. I doubt my biological dad even knew she was pregnant. I don’t know if he is even alive but I would like a medical history and to meet any siblings/family if possible.

  4. Dale Jaacks says:

    LOOKING for my birth FATHER. I was born in February of 1960. My birth mothers name was Patricia Prewitt. She lived in DesMoines,Iowa. She was 20 when she had me. If any of this rings a bell, let me know!

  5. Hello my name is Andrew Manaisi from Solomon Islands I am looking for my birth Dad (white expart). I was born on the 12th May 1980 and My mothers name is Anneth Felia she worked for Mandana Hotel in 1979 and there she happen to meet my Dad. during my teenage she told me that my father worked for Panguna mine in the buganville as fire brigade officer. My mum was getting old now and she totally forget my dad’s name,i don’t know if my Dad alive or not, if any one out there know any story connected to my birth history it would nice nice to meet any siblings/family if possible or contact me on my gmail. (

  6. Joy says:

    Hi my name is Joy and I live in Philadelphia Pa I am looking for my father. His name is Geno Neves he was 29 when I was born in 1998 so he’s in his late 40′s. I asked my mom any info on him this is what I know he is 5’0-5’5 has tattoo’s on him, my mothers name is Patricia. Also He used to live in Philadelphia Pa, Shelmire with his aunt his family are cops and he has a son which is my brother named Chris. If anyone has any information on him it be very helpful just contact me.

  7. tiffany hewson says:

    My name is tiffany and i am trying to locate my father, Richard Diamond. he is 57 years old and his last known residence is Gainesville, fl. i found a telephone number but has been disconnected. please help.

  8. Yordanose says:

    My name is Yordanose and I been trying to find the father of my cousin who currently lives in Ethiopia. Her father’s nationality is Irish and he worked for the red cross about 22 years a go in Ethiopia, his name is Mike Lorenzo and while I was searching for him I found some email address and I tried contacting them yet non of them replied. Her mom passed away about 8 years a go and now she is graduating from college and It would be really nice to find him, if he is willing to meet his lost daughter. PLEASE HELP!!!

  9. Deanna Bryant says:

    I am looking for my biological father. Last I saw him I was 7. I haven’t heard from him since. I would like to see him and know why he hasn’t tried contacting me. My name is Deanna Kay Bryant. My mothers name is Amber Jean Hall but her maiden name is Amber Jean Shirley. My biological Fathers name is Daniel Bryant. I sadly cannot tell you his middle name. Please help me..

  10. jerome johnson says:

    Hi my name is jerome johnson im looking for my birth father James, my mother left me and 2 of my brothers when we were young I was just a toddler, with a woman, she came back a week later for my brothers and not me, I had a different dad. I since have connected with her but never met or found him I hear he lived in boston, mayb down south at times. Any help would be great I’m turning 41 in july 31, and it would be great to met the man that mad me..

  11. barbara says:

    My name is Barbara born to carol conrad in chicago my dads name was supposed to be cleve spencer I have a brother melvin and lynn carroll who died

  12. Kathy says:

    My brother and I have just confirmed through DNA testing that we are half Asian. Brother born 1/11/1950 Donald Wayne Williams, self born 5/29/1951 Kathryn Elaine Williams. So we now know that Williams is not our biological name and would like to know who are Asian father was. Our mother was Juanita Daniels (Williams) born 7/26/23 in Oklahoma. She died 10/11/59 in San Diego, CA. The only info we have is that biological father name was Gene or Eugene and he was around a lot when we were infants and took a lot of baby pictures of us. This was in Hawaii, estimate time period from 1949 to 1952. If you can help it would be greatly appreciate.

  13. Janine Patu says:

    Hi I’m looking for my birth father.Name unknown.
    My birth mothers name was louise or louisa pukeiti.
    She is cook islander.She had relations with my birth father inne
    1977.She was living in Auckland at that time and gave
    birth to me in 1978.My birth mother will not give me the details of my
    birth father except she said his surname is sione.My
    birth father is niuean.

  14. Gary says:

    Hi I been looking for my dad,born June 7th, 1981 I’m 33 yrs. old never met my father, his name is Gary Perez he lives in Houston, Tx. My mother name is Velma Diaz, my Grandfather is Mario Diaz. I know I have a sister, named Alyssa Perez that was looking for me in 2001 in another website. I want to find them and meet my father. Please help.

  15. Richard says:

    Hello, my name is Richar . I’m 35 years old and am looking for my dad Daniel Wright Sessions birthday 8/6/?. He is late 50′s early 60′s in age. My moms name is Debts, and they met in Florida. His new wife’s name is Suzanne and I believe they live in Mount Pleasant SC I believe because of my own search. I haven’t seen him since I was 9 and I have four beautiful children to show him. I have a little more information if need be. Thank you!

  16. Laura says:

    When I was 17 I lived in Villa Torres Apartments in Conroe, TX. I had a one night stand with a guy named Maximilion. This union produced my daughter in July 1989. I saw him again when my daughter was 3 or 4 in the laundry room of our apartments where he was living with his wife and son, and his wife was pregnant. I did not want to disrupt his family but he approached me and acknowledged that he knew my daughter was his. I confirmed it, and that was the last time I ever saw him. It is one of my biggest regrets that my daughter does not know her father. My greatest wish is to find him and see if he is willing to connect with her. Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  17. kathy says:

    I am searching for my brothers father and half brothers. Fathers name is James Franklin Carroll. Half brothers and Artie and JR. I believe he has lived in Maine and Rhode Island. My brother was born in Longview Texas. Jim built motorcycles in his spare time and traveled for work back in1980-1982. Thank you.

  18. sophie says:

    Hi my names sophie brittan and i am looking for my biological dad. My nan tells me things about him, but i want to know more. She tells me that he lives in newark and his name is jason young, i think his middle name is angus i am not sure. Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated!

  19. Omar Sanchez says:

    I am looking for my dad, Alfredo Ruiz! I am 18 years old, I never met or seen the guy. He denied me at birth. I’m ready to meet my dad and have some closure with him. The last time I heard he was in Arizona, but he can be anywhere. I hope to find and meet him. if he is found let him know he has an 18 year old son looking for him!! I live in LV,NV.

  20. Kimberly Miller says:

    I am looking for my father. I was told his name is Albert Wright from Millington, Tn but I’m not having any luck. All I know is his first and last name and that he owned a night club that way in the late 80′s early 90′s.

  21. Darius Adams says:

    Ima 23 year old male born 8/24/1990 in Prince Georges County Md My Father name is Darius Montell Miller. I was told when I was eight that that he was not my father however I cant find the court document he should be located in the rocky mount nc Carolina area he was 28 when I was born should be about 52 now 2404062408

  22. Mickie Tolson says:

    Hi my name is Mickie. I was born on October 4,1968. In 2004, I went on the Montel Williams Show and found my biological mother. It was then that I found out my father (who raised me most of my childhood) was not my father at all). My mother had ran off and left me with my stepfather (before I was a year old). She put his name on my birth certificate although he was not my father. Despite the fact that I have been estranged from my father since I was 16 years old, (I was put into foster care at 16), it was still a shock to learn this. Meeting my mom, for the first time, when I was in my thirties, proved to not be a good fit. I did not maintain a relationship with her or any of my many siblings I met. However, I do not regret it, it was like closing a chapter in my life. Since then my biological mother passed away on 6/29/2011. She did tell me some stuff about my biological father (whom I would love to find, but unfortunately, I know so little about him) I was hoping this site could help me. She told me; his name was Ron, he had a “french last name” (too hard for her to pronounce) (this could or could not be true, she was illiterate), he wore a toupee, and apparently he knew about me (not wanting me at first but made an effort to contact her about me later after she left me with my step father, she told him it was “too late, I was gone”), I think she said he moved to Michigan or Missouri? Also, apparently when he got my mom pregnant, he told her he got a bunch of women pregnant around the same time.
    I don’t know how this site works, if this is too much information, or if anyone will read this, but if someone does I would appreciate any help I can get.

  23. Laell gorman says:

    Hi. I’m Laell Gorman. I’m looking for my dad. He left me with my mom when I was only a few months old and I want to get to know him and I want a chance to find and meet him. His name is Robert L. Patterson. He should be 46 years old, as far as I know of. If you have any information about my dad please get a hold of me on my email: Thank you

  24. theresa says:

    hey my name is theresa but i birth i was a theresa green growin up i always thought my step dad was my dad but i always wonder why i didnt never have his last name but my mom told me that my real dad was not him i have a pic of my real dad n a name edward griman she me him in new jersey n they moved to flordia for awhile then she moved back to new jersey n he dont even know of me n i dont know nothing of him but this pic n a so called name can someone please help me find him r see if he has other kids please please i would be so thankfull if i could just find him ty theresa kelly

  25. Chantelle Morris says:

    Hi my name is chantelle Morris and I’m looking for my dad . I was born on 11th February 1979. My mums name is iris Morris and she is welsh. She moved to London just before she met my dad. I have an older welsh sister called Sharon who moved with her.She lived in SW London. I was told that another man was my dad and found out 5 years ago that this wasn’t true. My mum died two years before this and so I have no information. All I know is his mane was Arthur and lived either in harrow road or ladbroke road area.

  26. stephanie hammonds says:

    hi i’m looking for my dad his name is Stephen Murrell he lived in Walsall UK and desperately tring to find him can anybody help me please he is around about 48/49years old

  27. sonia hovenden says:

    hello i hope anyone can help me i have been looking for my father well the last time i seen him was when i was 4 or 5 and now am 39 and i have been trying to find him for so many many years i dont know what i can do antmore i ask my mother and she has no answers for me and i done all i can all i wont is to find him or just anything i can about him his name is brain thomas hovenden and it would mean the world to me if i got something about him even if he has passed away so if anyone who knows him you would be so helpful and words would not say how much it would make me feel because everyone needs a father and i need to find him so bad it hurts so please if anyone can help me that would be so great . thank you and i hope who ever is looking for there family i hope use all so take care sonia kay hovenden.

  28. Montessa Cahn says:

    I have been looking to contact my biological father whom I have never met. I was told that his name is Phillip Green and was born in Cleveland Ohio. I was born in 1975 and my biological incubators name is Brenda Jones from Charleston West Virginia. I have tried many ways to try and meet him and have always hit walls. All the programs that claim they can help have done nothing to do so. I have tried contacting the talk shows like Maury and of course they haven’t contacted me either. I guess my story isn’t drama filled enough for T.V ratings. Anyway I am having health issues that are serious and would like to meet him before its to late , so if someone out there reads this and knows anything or that can help me get results PLEASE CONTACT ME. #DESPERATLYSEEKING

  29. Jessina "Lannom" Sotomayor says:

    My name is Jessina and I was born august 8, 1985. My mom, Genevieve Caroline Lannom “Gigi” never told me who my biological father was before she passed. I am almost 29 years old, was born in Dearborn, MI. She was dating 2 different guys at separate times around that time and the only thing I know is that he own a carpet cleaning business near Detroit Michigan. If anyone has any information email me at I have 2 kids and would love to be able have him at my upcoming wedding.

  30. Troy says:

    My name is Troy and im lookin for my dad that I havent seen him because he left my mom when he found out that she was pregnant that what she tells me his name is “Tony Store “and he meet my mom at flagstaff Az her name is Rebecca j Curley thay call her becky

  31. susana says:

    Hi I’m 18 and I’m searching for my daddy I don’t know him but I seen a picture of him I gonna meet my dad and I’m hopping you can help me please 😢 his names justo rocha and my moms names Lidia Medellin my moms no longer in my life cause of certain situations but please if anything contact me. please help me I’m desperate for answers and I just won’t to see him…. thank you

  32. Miranda Hernandez says:

    Hi I am Miranda Monique Hernandez and im 34 years old I have been looking for my father for about 3 years now but have not had any luck my mother wont tell me much about him although i know his name is Jerry Hernandez and he was born in California I also know I have other brothers and sisters that I would love to meet I really pray that you all can help me thank you so much for your time….

  33. I know very little about my father, but the things I know is that his name is Michael Ray Smith, he was born in Creola, Alabama, and that his birthday is November 11, 1970, Now one thing that I can say is that I have searched for this man on and found him on facebook, had a chat with him,all the information I said about him was true, but he denied that I was his son, the sad part is, my birth mother told him that she had an abortion when she was pregnant with me, so I don’t think he knows I’m alive, I am turning 23 this September, and I have been searching for my birth father my whole life, I just found my birth mother a few years ago, so please help if possible.

  34. Sherrie Reyna says:

    I am looking for my biological father. I was born March 2nd 1977 in Sacramento California to Dianne Hartshorn. The father’s name on my birth certificate is NOT my biological father. My mother told me his real name is Richard Kimes. She didn’t know him very well and never told me anything but his name. My mother passed away 6 years ago.

  35. diane says:

    Hello i was wondering if anybody can help me. I am 21 years old and looking for my dad. All i know is his name is Peter Simpson, he is around his 50s now i think and use to live in Chatham Kent. Also know he was a lorry driver 21 years ago. Thankyou in advance x

  36. Hannah says:

    hey I’m Hannah I’m 19, Born November 6,1994 I’m in search of my father and 2 Siblings that I know of. My fathers name Is Jeffrey Wayne Smith he is approximately 53. I haven’t seen him since I was 6 and apparently I look just like him..he was last known to be in leesburg,upperville and Winchester my sister is Rachel and I have a brother named Jeffrey as well. I’m to the point I don’t know what to do anymore I’m not close to my mom at all and its a void I really need filled my father also attended James Wood Highschool I don’t know if he graduated but I believe he would have been the class of 1976 please try and help me

  37. barbara says:

    I was born june 24 1965 I am bi racial mom was white carol conrad fathers name was cleve spencer

  38. parry says:

    Looking for My biological dad his name is Gary Smith. I belive he lives in the Lancashire area don’t know much about him. He was married to My Mum Julie Smith but I was adopted when I was eight years old. I believe they separated and moved on to have new family’s. If anyone knows anything could you please get in touch. Thanks.

  39. Beryl says:

    I have just found out that my uncle had a son, named Michael, sometime between 1954 and 1956 when he was stationed in Alaska (I believe Fairbanks). The mother’s name was Molly, and I have been told she may have been Eskimo. My uncle has passed so I have no further information. I am hoping that someone can help me locate him. Thank you.

  40. Richard Pujols says:

    Hi my name is Richard Pujols and I’m looking for my biological father.
    I was born in the Dominican Republic 12/1978. I’ve never met my father before.
    His name is Richard D Markowitz born 12/22/1932 in Brooklyn NY, he is currently 81 years old and resides in Miami FL. He was also married to Soraya Markowitz, she re married and the name currently registered for her is Soraya P Perdomo.
    No phone number is registered under my fathers info.
    Any info on him will greatly be appreciated.

  41. Caitlin says:

    Hi my name is Caitlin and I’m looking for my biological father and i just recently turned 18 and i know his name is Micheal Garza but i don’t know where i can find him I’ve contacted him before over a facebook message i supposedly have two half brothers named Liam and Gavin and i think he lives somewhere in Colorado and i just want to know why he decided to leave me and not pay child support. please help me find him
    thank you

  42. admin says:

    Hi Natasha. Rachel, from our office, will write you with some additional suggestions for your search.

  43. Dianna says:

    Hello my name is Dianna Jones and I am looking for my birth dad and my mom keep telling me that my dad got killed when she was pregnant with me. A man named Scott told me when I was around 14 years old that I am his daughter

  44. Demi Thompson says:


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