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OmniTrace Is Finding Birth Family All Over The USA

Finding Birth Family – USA

We love to post testimonials sent to us from our clients!

Birth Family Reunited:

Dear Chris,
You are the best, The address you gave me regarding the search for my birth mother was successful. I wish I could hugg you and say thank you!!

After 21 years I just found my birth mother on Friday..I am so grateful, words can’t explain.  You are the best, please thank everyone at OmniTrace for all their effort. You guys really are genuine. 

Amy O.

Birth Family Reunited:

Chris,thank you all very much. With the information you provided me with on Thursday, I found my wife’s birth mother in only 1 day. I cannot begin to express to you all how important this is to both my wife and to her sister. I will be taking both of them to meet their birth mother, who lost contact with them over 30 years ago. This birth family reunion is planned for the first weekend of February. were there to help me keep mine.

I thought I would drop you a line and tell you and omnitrace

I am sure you hear this a lot but my family really thanks you and your staff a great deal. You made it possible for me to keep a promise that I made to my wife 15 years ago, and that is that I would find her birth mother. Not only will my wife be meeting her birth mother but she will be meeting her birth grandmother who is still alive and living with her daughter in Lompoc.

Chris, the most important thing in the world to me is keeping my promises, sometimes however you need a little help in doing that, I am glad that you and omnitrace

Please feel free to use my name or our story in any way that can help your organization in the future. If you ever need a reference feel free to e-mail call or write to my family.


Ron Phares
Very Satisfied Customer

Find Your Birth Family

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  1. tupac robinson says:

    my name is tupac robinson my bitrth first name is tupac but i had a lot of last names my mom said they were keller wilson i think wilkols was one of them to but i was born in pasadena california i was adopted when i was 5 days old so i never saw my mom,dad,brothers,siters and etc. im living in a placement in pasadena for about 4 months i lived in monrovia california zip code 91016 for 14 years, im 14 right now. my birthday is 9/5/1998 i think my moms name is pratricia, patricia, or pracilla. i would be happy as hell if i had a picture, a forsure name, or i get to hear there voice, or at least i know they alive