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Find People With Directory Assistance

Find People – Directory Assistance

Despite the many resources available on the Internet to find people, using old fashioned Directory Assistance can be a great resource.  Why?

  • Because directory assistance address and phone number records are updated daily.
  • You have cheap access to a trained directory assistance operator.

Here are some tips on using directory assistance most effectively to find people:

  1. Dial 1 + Area Code + 555-1212 and voila… You’ll have an operator on the line in no-time-flat.
  2. A directory assistance operator has to handle a large volume of calls. So, don’t let her rush you off the phone. Stay in control of the call.
  3. Be friendly and courteous to the operator. They may go that extra yard for you.
  4. If you perceive your directory assistance operator to be inexperienced, ask for a supervisor to assist you.
  5. You are charged a small fee (typically a dollar) per call when dialing directory assistance. So, ask the operator how many listings you can request on each call. Get some bang for your buck! 😀
  6. Be careful that you don’t request your listing(s) and then receive your information via a recorded message. Ask for the operator to give your information verbally. This will eliminate mistakes, and you won’t have to call again. If you call directory assistance and immediately get an automated response, ask for a verbal listing.
  7. When asking for a phone number, also request the subject’s full address. If you already have the phone number and just need an address, ask for the phone number anyway, then, when the number is given, ask for the address. If the directory assistance operator has trouble obtaining a match, or if the operator obtains too many matches, give the operator the first several digits of the phone number you already have and see what they can do for you.
  8. It’s always possible that the subject’s phone number is listed under a relative’s or spouse’s name. So, when you already have an address and just need a phone number, ask for a listing at a specific address under the last name only of the subject. If that doesn’t work, try asking for any number listed under a specific address.
  9. If the operater can’t help you with a listing, and if your subject has an uncommon name, ask for listings of anyone with that last name. There may be relatives living in the same area code as your subject.

We hope this post helps you to find people with Directory Assistance.  Please write if you have any questions.

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  1. tracey mckee says:

    hi i am trying to find my kids who were adopted in stoke on trent england there names at birth were gillian tracey mckee and scott robert mckee and john robert mckee

  2. TRACEY says: