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Testimonial – Birth Sister Found!!!

Hello Chris and OmniTrace,  

My birth sister Dorine & I have talked on the phone twice now, we will be meeting for the first time next Wednesday at 9am. We are both very excited, & we will be sharing photos with one another. It’s better than Christmas, or a wedding. I was very happy with butterflies for my wedding, but, this has got that day beat by a very very long shot!!   Dorine & I have never had a sister in our life growing up, now years later, we are both getting a birth sister. I’ve always wanted a sister, someone to share girl talk with, & now it’s coming true for us!!!!

Chris and OmniTrace, you have given me my life, the pieces of this puzzle are complete, now that you’ve given me the missing puzzle pieces!!  You will always be in my heart, for giving me the family that I was separated from all these years, & now being returned to it. We will have a wonderful first meeting, I know it, we feel close already, & we only talked on the phone 2 times.  My birth sister and I have some similiar traits, & we seem to laugh alot together.    Again, THANKS FOR GIVING ME THE BEST GIFT A GIRL COULD EVER WANT!!!   (To belong)     Love, Janice

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  1. Pam says:




  2. Cecilia Mullins says:

    My name is Cece. I am looking for all my sisters on my fathers side. If your mother knows a man by the name of Shaun Mullins then please contact me. He has 11 girls and it would be neat to met all of my sibilings. Also, I am looking for his birth parents. His mother is said to be Irish with red hair who had a baby by a man who is hawaiian and french in hawaii.

  3. Corey Nunn says:

    I’m searching for my birth sister. Born RaeAnne on 4-20-1983. If you’re out there looking, we would love to know anything about you. I hate having a sister out there and not knowing her.

  4. Justina says:

    Hi im justina lawrence and ive been looking for my birth sister nila rene setliff….my name used to me tierra setliff but ive been adopted and now im looking for her and cant find her anywhere…so if ur out there….I LOVE U!! and i miss u soo much im in high school now and i hope me and u find each other soon

  5. Ronald says:

    I am searching on behalf of my adopted neice, for her birth sister who was also given up for adoption. The sisters name at birth and until at least 4 years old was Christi renee Harper, born on 04/05/1986 in Nashville, TN. The birth mom was Sharon Renee Webb Smith. If you have any information please contact e at or my web site Thank you and God Bless.

  6. samantha says:

    i am searching for my half sister AMANDA LOGAN i dont have much iformation on this girl but im her half sister . If you have a mum named deborah and a dad you have never meet called brian and if your name is amanda then this is your sister samantha. i would really like to find you please respond if you you are my half sister. thanks

  7. Joan says:

    I am looking for a birth sister (Betty Shoulder) born on 26th May 1925 and adopted about 5 years’ later in the Shoreditch area of London. Betty (if she is still alive) would be 85 now, but she has 3 full sisters 20 years younger, born when her mother and father married in 1938. The problem is, of course, it was probably a private adoption and there is no record of a change of name. Has anyone out there any ideas?

  8. veronica walker says:

    hi my name is veronica I am looking for my aunt amanda yergeau. She was last heard from with her father norman yergeau. We think she may have been taking away to an adoption agency. I have some really important news she needs to hear please contact me asap.

  9. Kim says:

    My mother, Joan Brannigan is looking for her half-sister All she knows about the woman and the daughter was they both had names that were flowers (Rose or Violet, etc). The woman had an affair (her husband was in the army) with Charles Brannigan (my mother’s father) and then moved to New York. This would have been in the early 1940′s. I’m trying to reconnect my mother with her sister. I can be reached via e-mail

    Thanks in advance,

    Kim Butler

  10. Randall says:

    I am looking for my sister. I know she was 3 years old when I was born and given up for adoption. My birth mother kept my sister. I was born on 9/14/1963 in Loveland Colorado. My adoptive parents are Wilma & Clayton Bender. We lived in Kansas and finally Maumee Ohio. I don’t know my mother or fathers names. I heard my father was a rodeo rider. I was given the name of “Troy” at birth. My adoptive parents changed it to “Randall”. Myself and my children all have “steel blue” eyes, I am 5’7″. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it!

  11. markeeta says:

    Trying, despretely, to locate half sister.. born Nov. of 1942 in Coleman hospital, Indianapolis, In. Childrens Bureau of Indianapolis Orphan Asylum in Indy and a Mrs Rose Pickett of Indy was involved as of Jan. 9, 1943 The baby seems to have been in the care of Mrs. Pickett at that time.. not sure if she was the lady who adopted the baby or was a foster mother. I just discovered I had a sister last week. I was born 5 years later and would so love to find her . Birth mother’s name was Josephine B. Smith and I believe birth father was Chester Clark both of Clinton County In. anyone with any information, please contact me. If my sister, or anyone who may know her, should see this, PLEASE KNOW that our mother had no way to take care of you at that time, otherwise she would have NEVER let you go!!!

    • markeeta murphy says:

      DOB 11-29-1942. Have discovered that the baby was NOT with the Picketts after all. Still no name but seem she was the only Smith girl born on that date, that year, in Indiana

  12. markeeta says:

    Would like to add that Mrs Rose Pickett lived at 1453 Roosevelt Ave, Indianapolis, in during that time.. In a post card she had sent to my mother, Mrs. Pickett also mentioned two older children. There are also some health issues in the family that my birth sister would probably like to know aobut.

    • markeeta murphy says:

      I have discovered that my sister’s actual DOB is 11-29-1942. Seems that Rose Pickett’s husband’s name was Evret and he was a welder.

  13. Diane says:

    I am looking for a half sister. She would have been born between 1956 to 1958 around Chicago, Il. Our mother’s name was Carlene Janson. She was fair skinned with freckles and reddish brown hair with light blue eyes. She was broad shouldered and slim hipped, about 5’6″ tall. I have nothing to go on except this information. Please email me if you have any information.

  14. carolyn says:

    I am looking for my sisters, i dont know much about them , i only met by father shortly before he passed away and told me of them, i have been looking for a many years, and it is heavy on my heart, my fathers name was Danny L. Tuck and their mothers name was Linda D. Gilmore , my sisters names are Pamela and Teresa , this is what i was told , i have looked long and hard i need to make sure they know i exist my father told me they didnt and they live in texas and i in oklhoma ….please help…

  15. markeeta says:

    I just discovered that my sister’s actual DOB is 11-29-1942. She was born at 10:40 AM and the Health Officer filed the certificate on 12-3-1942 according to Indiana State Board of Health/ Vital Records

    • markeeta Murphy says:

      My sister has BEEN FOUND!! I hired a CI from Indianapolis after hitting nothing but roadblocks and brick walls. We sopke for the first time on Dec20th and it’s be more than I could have ever imagined it to be. She’s 70 and I’m 65 and it’s just eerie that we’re so much alike.. and our daughters act as though they’ve always known one another. Like their Mothers, they can talk for hours. God is good. If you’re searching don’t DON’T GIVE UP.. it’s worth the effort. I realize not every reunion gose as our’s has.. it’s still worth it just to know.

  16. Tatiana says:

    Hey my name is Tatiana I been looking for my adopted sister since she turned 18. DOB August 18, 1992 she was born in New Jersey, her first name is Kiara. her adopted parents first name is Charmaine & Darnell, her birth mother name is Rhonda…i will not stop searching until i found her so pleeeaassee if anybody have any information please send me an email asap!!!! thanks…

  17. Marley says:

    I am in search of my full sister.
    DOB: 10-20-1996
    Birth location: Salem Oregon
    Natural hair color: Red
    We were born as twins Sunday October 20th 1996 11:20pm. In Salem Oregon. If this is u im your sister Marley, i love you to death and we have an elder stepsister Kandace, an elder stepbrother Corey, a much younger brother Owen and from daddy’s side younger brother Mikie. It will do wonderus excitement if u saw this. PLEASE RESPOND

  18. Heather says:

    Hi I’m looking for my Half sister Cynthia. I never met her. She is 23 and I am 21 now. She was given up as a baby and her fathers name was patrick Morris. I would love to meet you cynthia. If you do ever happen to look into this site. Please know that i would love to meet you. :)

  19. christina says:

    I am looking for my half sister all I know is her name is Tammy her last name at birth was North she lived in greenwood Ind. in the 70s I just found out about her when my biological father passed. His name was Jerry Lincoln North. I think we lived across from each other for about a yr. we played together she live across from me. I was told that her mother had married and changed her last name as well my mother did the same thing. I would just like to know that she is out there. I have had the feeling in my heart she has always been close.

  20. Annie Allen says:

    Looking for my sister birth name is freda lashun allen born may 2 1993 in fort walton beach fl at general hospital..birth mothers name is earnestine allen

  21. constance says:

    hi I’m looking for my younger sisters and brothers; Antoinette L Green born 5/09/1995,Cassius M Green born march 7th 1997 I think, Melissa p green, lance guy Verdun or green. Last saw Antoinette when she was like 6yrs in Houston Texas. I have lots of pics til that point. love y’all dearly. hope y’all are safe and loved. Wish to meet again

  22. Renee says:

    Hi I’m looking for my half-sister born in Chicago, IL around July 23, 1943 to parents Robert Louis Bell and Geraldine don’t know the mother’s last name. My sister’s name is Tressa that’s about all I know.. I think she went to Dusable High School in Chicago, IL and to Chicago Teachers College. If you know anything about her please email me.

  23. Stacey says:

    Hi my name is Stacey originally known so Stacey brooks I am trying to find my birth sister Tammy we were daughters of frank and Kim brooks originally from Bradford. don’t know Tammy’s last name as she was adopted before me. I only know Tammy is living in Birmingham working as a prison guard . I am 29 and married with 2 lovely children. If anyone may know who Tammy is please email me

  24. SHERYL says:


  25. Christine Lewis says:

    Hi my name is Christine. I am looking for my sister. She was adopted shortly after birth. Our mom went back to agency to get her back and she was already gone. She was born TAMMY STOWELL and born in rennselaer county NY in think around 69-71. If you are out there please contact me…..if you know her please let her know I have been looking for her for years. Thank you so much. She born to Patricia (Millard) stowell.

  26. Anna says:

    Hi, looking for older sister her first name was or is Brandy. When born. I don’t know her adopted name she was adopted somewhere in Tennessee contact me at if you know anything, or would like more information. Thanks.

  27. Andrew Henry says:

    Hi I am Andrew Henry from Jamaica. I am trying to find my sister (unsure of name) born to Easton Augustus Henry who died in 2009 in Maryland. He was born in Clarendon, Jamaica and was married to Cleola Bernice Henry.
    I am now married with 3 children and they would love to know their aunt. You or anyone knowing her can contact me at agape24_7
    My sister is believed to be born in 1970 or 1971 to his first wife (unsure of name). I do not know if my sister is still in Florida but I am now visiting Florida and will leave back for Jamaica in 2 weeks time and would love to see her before I go back home.You can also find me on facebook as well-Andrew Henry.

  28. donna fuller says:

    Hi my name is Donna im looking for my 2 sisters that where adopted wen are dad pastaway there names are Jessica piper & Helen fuller .Jessica will be 18 in September and Helen is 15 are dads name is billy fuller and mothers name Laura piper if your out there plz get in touch xxxxx

  29. Kari Kill says:

    Hi, I am looking for my half sister’s. We were adopted from Albert Lea area. If anyone knows anything please let me know it would mean so much to connect

  30. lataska says:

    I am looking for my blood sister. Her name was Daniellemurphy when I last saw her at the age of 2 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. My mother gave her up for adoption and kept me, later had 2 more children. Danielle was born in October- believe to be around the 27th day in 1980. Last time I saw her she was brown skinned with a birthmarkon the left or right side of her face.I was told by my grandmother Mabel Brodie she was adopted by a family. Her birth mothers name is janternova Brodie and I’m unsure of her fathers name.I tried looking for her on different occasions when I was a minor and was told that her case files were closed until she turn 99 years old. I want to meet my sister. It really hurts to know I have a part of me out there that I have no acknowledgement of where they are, how they are doing and so on. Danielle Murphy would have been born in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the county hospital or st Mary’s hospital. If anyone know her, please reach out to me via email at please I pray we will unite soon.

  31. Natasha says:

    Hi I’m Natasha morning
    Im looking for my brothers and sisters
    They were taken and placed in foster care
    I believe in 1986
    My mother name is.VANESSA MAE ROSS

  32. Sadie says:

    I’m looking for my older sister. My mother and father were never married, just had children, and she just told me my father had a daughter when he was A LOT younger. I really want to find her & meet her. She should be around 40 years old.. I have no idea how to even start. I really feel like I could be close with her. I’m 18, young & I want to find my sister! Somebody please help!

  33. Kenya says:

    Im looking for my long lost half sister, Her name is Keisha or Kesha, dont know much about her, she moved away when she was small, her mother name is Dell…….I really just want to meet her, I can really can use a big sister, I have big and little brothers but no big sisters.

  34. brandon says:

    My name is Brandon Bork and I’m looking for my sister Samantha Ann Bork. She was born in Winona MN to Scott and AnnMarie Bork in December of 84. We lived in WI and as far as I know she still resides in WI possibly the Rhinelander, WI area. If anyone knows her please contact me, I think of her daily and would love to meet her and so would her nephew

  35. S. L says:

    I found out when I was 14 that I have an older brother and a sister younger than me by 1 year from my father’s side. However my family tells me that the mother are lying whilst other say my dad is lying. All I know about my older brother is that he is alot older than me probably in his mid-late 20s or 30s and his name is ISHRAT/ISHRAAT/ISHRAD and was born with blue eyes and blonde hair in Holland. I was also told his mother is dark skinned and might have been married and this man was made to look like he is your dad. If you are out there or reading this and my statement fits your profile please reply back as I have been looking for you since then. I have always wanted a brother and knowing you are out there gives me hope and I won’t give up looking until a DNA is taken place.

  36. Ron says:

    Looking for my long lost sister, Lori Alyce McCartney-Sanchez dob. 6-7-1960. Last known living in Beaverton, Oregon in 1989.

  37. Lauren Harris says:

    Hi my names Lauren Kim Harris.

    My dads name is Ian Paul Harris. He had a daughter with a woman named Judith Noble around 26 years ago maybe more. I believe her name is Stephanie. I’m not sure what her second name would be as her mother never gave her my dads name. I would just love to give Stephanie the opportunity to meet me and our dad. If anyone knows anything or can help in anyway please contact me!

    Thank you so much

  38. Victoria says:

    Hi. I’m searching for my younger birth sister. I’ve never met her. She was adopted right after birth. She was born in March 1996 and her name was/is Taylor. I believe the last name started with an ‘s’. She was born in Blue Springs, MO. This is all the information I have. I was born in May 1995 so she would be around 18/19.

  39. vanessa mojica says:

    Hi, I a, looking for my half sister her names is Alicia Mojica or Alicia Gonzalez I think she was born around 1953 maybe on new York or Puerto Rico she has 3 daughters Melanie, Melissa twins and the oldest Lisa.

  40. Sharon B says:

    Looking for twin given up for adoption at birth: 10 Nov 1941, Audubon, IA. Birth last name ‘Otto’. Private adoption. Any information would be appreciated. I think of you often, and would like to know about you. Feel part of me is missing.

  41. Rachel says:

    Hi my name is Rachel Clark my birth name was Serena Clark I am looking for any of my birth family. I was born in Scotland UK and adopted at birth I know my births mothers name and my 2 bith sibling’s I was adoptd by a family in Slamannan Falkirk. My birth mothers name Heather. My sisters name Kelly Ann and my Brothers name John. I was born 01/01/1990. If you have any information please contact me
    thank you

  42. Kelsey says:

    My name is Kelsey Nordstrom! I am looking for my half sister. We share the same father. My father was 17 when she was born. She was born in 1984 at Nesbit Hospital in Kingston, PA. She was adopted to a great family. The adoptive father was a dentist and the mother was a nurse. Atleast that is what i was told. Her birthmother’s name is Lisa Stozenski and birthfather’s name is Vincent Scocozzo Nordstrom. The baby’s name was Marie or Maria.
    I have been searching for what seems to be for years now…I would love to be reunited!

  43. Marian Gunn says:

    I am trying to find my sister Susan Grace Gunn born Apr 6 1976 and raised in west Chicago, Il. she now lives ( if still alive) either in moline or east moline Il. she married a Guy named john (jd) but I only know last name starts with a K (I think). due to family fallout I have not heard or seen her since 2009. I had to leave and discontinue contact with family for personal reasons but I want to talk to my little sis, if again, she’s still alive. any help anyone can give appreciated. I am on fixed income due to disability and can’t afford to pay all these search places for dead leads. Tyvm in advance. m

  44. Donita says:

    I am desperately trying to help my best friend find her adopted daughter. This daughter is African American, born on 11/10/1975. Weight 6.5 pounds, length 18 1/2 inches. She was born in Sierra Madre Community Hospital in Sierra Madre, CA. Her birth name was Patricia. The birth mothers last name at the time of birth was TURNER.
    We are looking for you!
    Please contact me.

  45. Stephanie says:

    Im looking for my sister shes a few years older then me im 30 .I know nothing about her incept what ive put together .my mother put her up for adoption when she was born so im just going with what I got she was either born in w.v ohio or mothers name was sheila simmons and my dads name is William or bill hartley .ive been wanting to meet her ive always thought about Stephanie

  46. Nancy says:

    Hi I am desprietly looking for my little sister her name is Jaime Cruz our mom Iris Cruz gave her up for adoption at birth. I met her once when shes was about 5 years old at an adoption agency in brooklyn ny where jaime was born. Her birthday if im not mistaken is June 1, 1984 or 85. Me and our older sister have been doing whatever we can to find her but with no results at all please help!!

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