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How The Pros Find An Adoptee And Find Birth Parents

Many adoptees and birth parents who search are curious about the search methods used by professional researchers and search companies to find an adoptee or find birth parents.

Every search to find an adoptee or find birth parents is unique, and the tools and techniques used by professionals vary from case to case.  In addition, various search companies and researchers have their own proprietary methods, resources and favorite procedures.  Of course, the case first has to be reviewed to determine a course of action.  In many instances, a search begins without a name and/or without much background information.

Below are some of the methods and resources that a birth parent and adoptee search professional may use to obtain name information or confirm name information and background information on an adoptee or birth parents:

  • Conduct Interviews With Any Knowledgeable Parties To The Adoption
  • Utilize The Assistance Of Local Birth Parent And Adoptee Search Specialists And Genealogists
  • Identify and Research Birth Indexes (Birth Records) In Area Of The Adoption
  • Request Medical Records, Nursery Records, And Hospital Billing Records
  • Request Non-Identifying Background Information
  • Locate And Contact Any Attorneys Involved With The Adoption
  • Identify, Locate and Contact The Delivery Physician
  • Determine If Court Minutes Are Available In The County Of Adoption
  • Research Birth Announcements In The County Of Adoption
  • Research Marriage Announcements In County Of Adoption
  • Research Announcement Of Relinquishment In County Of Adoption
  • Research Church Records In County Of Adoption
  • Research Census Records And Genealogical Databases
  • Research High School And College Yearbooks
  • Contact Reference Library In County Of Adoption For Additional Resources
  • Utilize The Freedom Of Information Act To Request Government Records
  • Utilize Proprietary Database Resources
  • DNA Testing

Once an adoptee name or the names of the birth parents is determined, and historical background information  is established, search professionals utilize many of the following resources to find a current location of the adoptee or birth parents:

  • Research Old City, Old Phone And Reverse Directories
  • Research Voter Registration Records
  • Contact Chamber Of Commerce
  • Contact County And City Clerk’s Office
  • Contact County Sheriff’s Office
  • Contact Possible Ex-Employers
  • Contact Possible Ex-Landlords
  • Contact Military Locators
  • Contact Motor Vehicle Department
  • Contact Tax Assessor’s Office
  • Research Government Depository Libraries
  • Contact Local Post Office
  • Contact Vital Statistics
  • Contact Utility Companies

In addition to the above resources, some researchers and professional search companies (such as OmniTrace) have access to specialized, locator databases consisting of literally billions of public records.

In addition to the above aggressive approaches to find birth parents and an adoptee, there are more passive techniques used by professional searchers:  (1) File Waivers Of Confidentiality (2) List Birth Parents And Adoptee’s Information With Major And State Specific Adoption Registries (please read: What Is A Reunion Registry) (3) Search All Major Registries For Information On The Adoptee Or Birth Parents (4) Post Your Information In Local Classified Ads (5) Post Your Information In Adoption Related Magazines and Newsgroups Many researchers and research companies such as OmniTrace will also act, on your request, as an intermediary when an adoptee or birth parents are identified and located.

We hope this answers some of your curiosity about professional birth parent and adoptee search companies.  Of course, we understand that some of the above terminology and methods are unfamiliar.  Please give us a call at 888-965-6696 with questions or if you want assistance with your search.

Please share you comments and questions with us in the comments box.  Thanks!

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  1. Christy says:

    Looking for twin boys that were adopted. Born January 10th 1993 at Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami Florida. Attorney Mary Ann Scherer facilitated adoption. Birthmother last name Baker Birthcontrol number on birth certificates is 109-93-5376-005375 and 109-93-005376