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Find Adoptee | Search By Date Of Birth Of Child

Adoptee Search

You may be surprised that you can find an adoptee by having just the date of birth of your birth child.  It’s true: having just a date of birth can lead to a successful adoptee search!

If you can recall your child’s date of birth, online databases are available to compile a list of persons, along with their addresses and phone numbers, born on that date of birth who currently or previously have been associated with the state where the adoptee was born.  This list might be quite large, depending on the state, but will give you a reasonable chance to find your birth child by placing phone calls and writing letters.

(If you do not recall the exact date of birth, there are several ways you may obtain it, which we will provide you shortly in a future post.)

Of course, any additional identifying information on your birth child that you have or can  obtain in addition to the date of birth will help you develop an even better, more focused list–or perhaps even an exact match.  Helpful information might include:

  • The amended (adoptive) first and/or last name of your birth child
  • The first and/or last names of the adopting parents
  • The age range of the adopting parents
  • The non-amended, (original name) of your birth child
  • The occupation of the adopting parents
  • The area where the adopting parents resided at the time of the adoption
  • The race and religion of the adopting parents
  • The education of the adopting parents
  • The name of the adoption agency or attorney that handled the adoption
  • The name of the birth physician
  • The name of the birth hospital
  • When the adopting parents applied to adopt
  • The hobbies of the adopting parents
  • The medical history of the adopting parents
  • The physical description of the adopting parents
  • Other historical information

Some or all of the above information might be developed from a number of sources that we will write about shortly.  We’ll also discuss statewide date of birth searching.

Please write or comment if you have any questions on how to find an adoptee.  To receive a FREE search evaluation, click here now!

Find Your Birth Family

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  1. edward says:

    iso my son born December 1986 in springfield il.he was givin up for adoption by his mother without my knowledge.i was informed by her just 4 years ago and I have been searching every since,i don’t have much info but his birth name was codi aarron skaggs and he was adopted as baby boy skaggs.i was told that he was adopted to a local couple but unsure if he is still in the springfield area.please son if your out there I would really love to know you.if anyone has any clues as to his whereabouts please e-mail me

  2. Jody says:

    Looking for babygirl born may 13 1986. weighing 7lbs 11ozs. born @7:11am. know she was adopted by a catholic family in redondo beach CA. born in LA. want to see your ok. my parents sent me away to a st. anns on sunday n i had you on tuesday. never had any counseling. im still looking.

  3. Theo Hernandez says:

    Hi, my son, Theo Michael Hernandez, born April 13, 1999, at Paradise Valley Hospital, San Diego, CA was put up for adoption while i was in Prison, the mother Joanna Gomez, was arrested and San Diego child protection services took my newborn son soon thereafter and placed him for adoption. I have been looking for him since.
    Can you offer me some advise, information, leads etc as to how i may locate my son?
    (619) 249-0114
    Theo Hernandez
    North San Diego County, CA

  4. Kelley says:

    I’m looking for my nephew.los Angeles dicps took him when he was born.his foster mother supposally adopted him at the age of 2. His birth name michael Andrew dysart dob 6/29/89

  5. Wanda says:

    My grandaughter was born Dec.6,1995 in Joplin Missouri and was taken away from her mom (kristie Anderson) and her daddy (Robert Anderson) around 1997, 1998, 1999 and I slso had grandson named Joshua Cane born Dec. 9,1996 in Hammond, Louisiana, but was but up for adoption with Kiera. Htey were suppose to be adopted together. I’m looking fo them if anyone out there can help me.

  6. Irene says:

    Son born February 12 1970 in St Charles Hospital, Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York. Named Neil Michael Abrams.

  7. Christy says:

    Looking for twin boys born 1/10/93 in Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami Florida. Birth mother name Christy Baker Birth Father Charles Amell. Adoption facilitated through attorney Mary Ann Sherrer.

  8. Holman Family says:

    Looking for our cousin, Heather Lynn Holman born in 1973 in Omaha, NE.

    • Heather Holman says:

      My name is Heather Holman and I was born in 1973. My middle name is not Lynn but according to my family, they said it should have been Lynn. I am not adopted to my knowledge.

  9. Sue says:

    I am still searching for the baby girl I gave up at birth.
    She was born January 24, 1963 , in Wisconsin. Name given at birth was Ramona. Please if you are out there , I would love to meet you. Please contact me….

  10. james says:

    I’m looking son and daughter, born April 5th, 1979 and May 30th 1980 I would love to meet you Please contact me

  11. Chassity webb May 24, 2014 says:


  12. Candy says:

    I am looking for my sons, Christian Aaron August Kirby, Nicholas Scott Turner, Joseph Andrew Turner and Steven Kyle Turner. They were put up for adoption on September 26th, 2005. I think that they were all adopted except for Christian. I have heard many different stories about where he might be, but the not knowing and the daily concern and worries over the last 9 years are preventing me from having any peace. If anyone reads this and knows him, just by some wild crazy chance……please tell him that he is my heart and that I love him more than anything. I wait, impatiently, for the day that I can see his face again. Christian, Nicholas, Joseph and Steven, I love you with all my heart and sorry for the things that has happened, I will forever wait for you and ready to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t listen to everything you hear about me, I will tell you everything you want or need to know. I can’t take any of it back but I can explain it better than anyone else. I love you all………….please contact me by e-mail it will never change. I am currently living in San Antonio and will go anywhere in the world to see any of you.

  13. chris says:

    Looking for a boy born Monday December 19, 1983, in Defiance . Hospital.

  14. Jessica says:

    Looking for a Dolly Thompson Mireles, Born Vancover, WA. 1926, Jaun Jose Mireles, born Brownsville, TX. 1914, or any relatives, possible sibling to my mother, Born July, 13,1960 The Good Sameritan Hospital, Idaho. Sibling would be a few years apart from 1960. My mother was born, Evelyn Marie Mireles. In search for any family!

  15. Zach and Amy Hughes says:

    We are looking for our birth son. He was born on January 23,1993 in Vero Beach, Florida. He was born at Indian River Memorial Hospital and given up for adoption through the LDS Social Services. He was born in the afternoon/evening.

  16. Angel Van Horne says:

    ISO birth mom and dad and possible siblings. My birth name was angel Richardson then changed to Heather Van Horne. I was born. July 20, 1987 and have a bio brother also adopted with me. His name is Scott Van Horne, but his birth name was supposedly nema Richardson. He was born September 30, 1988. I believe I was born at st Elizabeth hospital in granite city, Illinois. I am interested in connecting with anyone related to us.

  17. unknown Scott says:

    Looking for my birth child. She was born September 15th, 1968. She was born in a hospital in Riverside, Ca. and given to the Magnolia Center Adoption Agency a day or so later. If anyone has information please contact me.

  18. Charles Egbert Sr. says:

    I’am Charles Egbert Sr., The husband of Brandi, Who had given birth to her first-born son GLENN ROBERT McCAINE, Born at BELOIT,(Rock County)WISCONSIN on August 25th, 1993. From what I’am able to understand, This Child, (My Stepson)was removed from the home of my wife and the child’s birth father on December 8th, 1994 due to Neglect when the child was about 16-Mos.old. My wife has gone through hades missing her young son who will be 21-Yrs.old on August 25th this year. In August-2001 I sent this child a 1884 silver morgan dollar coin for his 8th birthday that year. This was done by me in the hopes that We would one day be able to see him again. Glenn was adopted through a closed adoption in or around January-1997. If you should one day see this Glenn, Aka Corky, We would like to hear from you soon after your 21st birthday, & By the way, In order for us to be able to Identify you, We have left something out deliberately that ONLY you would know about from your past. Love ya Glenn, From your Birth-Mom & Me.

  19. Rachel says:

    I am a film student in Michigan, and am writing a screenplay that involves a woman trying to find her grandson who had been adopted out. Knowing the birth date and hospital where the child was born, is there anywhere else a person might go besides an online database? Some sort of records hall, the hospital, an adoption agency etc?

  20. Natalya says:

    I am looking for my son who was born july29 1974 in Ontario Canada, he was taken and put up for adoption. Plz help

  21. Deborah says:

    Hello, I’m searching for birth mom , dad, or possibly siblings. I was born May 14, 1954 in San Antonio, Texas. I was adopted out of Methodist Mission Home. I have been searching for years with no luck. I am 60 years old. If anyone has any information or questions please contact me. Deborah

  22. Karen says:

    I was born 02/06/1961 in New Britian, Conn. My birth name was Barbara. I did have other brothers and sisters from my birth mother and would like to connect to find out about my heritage. My grandfather, on my mothers side, was 1 of 13 Justices of Peace and a worker at Stanley Tool co. TYVM

  23. anita says:

    i am looking for my birth son. i only have his date of birth and the adop mom and dad names are juanita smith and terry smith I need help, to fine him. for free. call anitalouise 509 222-0000 his name is jeffery smith born in spokane wash feb 13 1971 THANKYOU

  24. Kyle Preston says:

    In search of birthparent(s) or older siblings . Adoptee- Born May 22, 1971. Wellstar Kennestone Hospital , Cobb County-Marietta, Georgia.

  25. Audrey says:

    My name is Audrey , I’m looking for Sherry Lynn and Kenneth Lee. I was born in 1980 and our mothers name is Rebecca , Wayne is their father and I have a different dad but all three of us had the same last name at birth , which was Napier. Kenneth is three years older than me and Sherry is five years older than me. We were all born on Georgia.

  26. Joanell says:

    In search of birth parents. Born 4/24/1959 in Oak Hill Ohio, Jackson County Ohio. Wanting to heal the hole in my heart that no one has healed so far. Thank you for your consideration.

  27. lynn dougherty says:

    looking for daughter born in Fl Miami Besch Augest 1968
    Carried you under MY HEART for 9 months and
    from 1968 I have carried you in my HEART and all ways will.
    BM AUG 1968

  28. Vanessa says:

    I recently received my original BC, but unfortunately my birth mom and 1/2 sister are deceased. I did learn I also have a 1/2 brother born in 1960 in Terre Haute, Indiana. I don’t have a month or date, just 1960. Our mothers name was Norma Jean Scott. She was born in 1928 or 1929. I have tested with ftDNA & 23 & Me but closet match is a 3rd cousin. So if you are a male adoptee born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1960………..

  29. emily botha says:

    Hey I am looking for my biological suster she was born 1990-09-26. My mother is emily maria myburgh. She devorced the man that caused my suster to be taken away. Please I really need my suster I haven’t seen her in almost 16 years. She was taken in middelburg and aperently adopted in 2005. Her names have been changed and I’d doesn’t exict. Please help me find her

  30. amy says:

    Looking to find real grandparents or family members of my husbands birth father who was born on April 1, 1950 in Connersville Indiana and was adopted taking the name Ronald Lee Biddle. He didn’t have much to do with his son (my husband) and even ended up in prison but is now deceased. My husband has always felt like something missing and would like to know where he came from, what his name wldv possibly been, heritage, etc. if anyone can help ?

  31. Michelle says:

    I have a child that has been adopted she was 6 yr old at the time and is now 21 I’ve been trying to serch for my daughter. For a very long time now her name is tina marie Mungia she’s from Lubbock texas her date of birth is 01/13/1993 she got adopted to a nurse that lives in Amarillo,texas I don’t remember the name of the nurse she got adopted to its gee 15 yr and I think about her all the time plz help me find my daughter tina marie mungia born in Lubbock texas

  32. GAY says:

    Looking for my adopted son
    He was adopted on Nov.16 1972
    He was born in city hospital in Saskatoon Saskatchewan
    Born on JULY 3 1972
    I was 15 at the time of his birth

  33. jessica says:

    ISO my boys. Angelo Martinez born in Andrews,Texas 1998 and my youngest son, till Martinez Jr born in Amarillo,TX in 2004. I wanna know if they are ok and where they have been moved to

  34. Allan says:

    Hi, I am looking for my two sons, Aeryn Joshua and Athan Lawrence Holloway. Aeryn was born on May 17, 2009 and Athan on September 25, 2011. They were adopted out in San Bernardino county, California . I havent seen them in two years, and I just want them to know I love them, and I havent stopped looking.

  35. My name is Orlando Colon and I am searching for my son his birth name is Orlando landy colon the third born and born on June 20 1996 in reading pa to me and Wendy buenos he was adopted around 99/00 and his name was changed. Please help me locate my son.

  36. amanda says:

    Looking for my birth children. Ryan 1/14/03,mari 10/23/05,and jordyn 03/25/09. They were born in tacoma washington

  37. Ann says:

    Hi. Looking for my son who was born sept. 8 1994. A day has not gone by that I don’t think about him! His name is Joshua and he was born in altomonte springs,fl. Anyone knows anything please contact. I miss him so much! And I feel so lost

  38. Lindsay says:

    ISO: Any Biological Family
    Place of Birth: San Diego, CA
    DOB: 2-17-77 (Feb 17, 1977)
    Hospital Born at: Naval Hospital
    Adoption Agency: Children’s Home Society of California
    Gender: Female

  39. April says:

    I am looking for my mothers mother. My mother was born 4-3-1983. I am not sure the dob of her biological mother. My mother has searched and searched for her birth mother and I would love to see her reunited with her. We were told that her mothers last name at the time was Rojas. And that she was in Bethesda Home in Mississippi. Please help me any other leads would be greatly appreciated!!

  40. Im searching for a copy of the tgh Hospitel bill from 1/31/87

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