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Disappearing In The Digital Age Is Hard To Do

‘Missing’ Wired Magazine Writer Tracked Down

Source:  ABC News
By By KI MAE HEUSSNERMissing Persons Search

You can run and you can hide.

But, especially in the digital age, do you have what it takes to disappear?

In a contest hatched by Wired magazine, writer Evan Ratliff tried to see if he could fly below the radar for 30 days with a bounty over his head.

Starting Aug. 15, he traveled the continental United States without revealing his location to a soul on the planet. Wired offered $5,000 to anyone who could find him before the time ran out, but Ratliff would pocket $3,000 if he survived the month incognito.

With just one week to go, it looked like Ratliff might outsmart the hundreds — maybe thousands — of hi-tech sleuths who had joined the hunt.

But, on Tuesday, on his way to pick up some pizza, he was nabbed in New Orleans.

“I actually thought that I’d make it back to New York. So much so that I had plans,” said the New York-based writer. “I had already plotted out what I’d do. I hadn’t quit trying. I really thought that I was going to make it.”…

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