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Introducing Dianne Vassallo – Adoption Search Consultant

We just wrote a post about the various departments we have at OmniTrace and introduced the first of several members of our staff.  You can read that post here or just look below.

Today we would like to introduce Dianne Vassallo, another member of our Search Consultant Department.  We asked her to write a little bit about herself:

“My name is Dianne Vassallo and I have been a search consultant with Omnitrace for almost 4 years.  I am a specialist in reuniting those separated by adoption and I love my job!

I feel very lucky to have a job that is not only rewarding but also puts me in contact with so many different people throughout the US and Canada.  Helping people reunite with family and friends is the best job I have ever had.  I try to keep in touch with my clients so that I can hear about their reunion stories.

One of my clients recently called me after her reunion and told me that she and her daughter met for lunch and they were wearing the same outfit in different colors!  Can you imagine?  I hear so many wonderful stories and I hope I can help you as well.

I was born and raised in Queens, NY and graduated from Queens College with a BA in Psychology.  Having had many losses in my life, I understand the importance of closure, which is what most people need when it comes to adoptions.

I am a single mom of an amazing 6 year old daughter, who is the light of my
life.  I had her at 43, so I can really appreciate having her in my life.  We
do everything together.  I volunteer as her Troop leader for Girl
Scouts and love experiencing new places and projects with her and all of my
14 girls.  Living in South Florida is great!  I love the warm weather, beaches
and slower pace of life. If you are ever in the area stop in and say hello.”

In future posts, we’ll provide biographies on all our OmniTrace search team.  Please call or write us with any questions.  Dianne and our other search consultants would love to hear from you!

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  1. Anne Romano, Ph.D. says:

    I am very proud to be a friend to such a wonderful person as Dianne. She has proven in many ways on many occasions what a warm, supportive and compassionate person she is. The photo of her and her daughter says it all: warmth, beauty (inside and out) and happiness. Truly a gift to Omnitrace and any of it’s clients that might get Dianne to work on their behalf.

  2. jeffrey zamora says:

    ❓ my name is jeff zamora looking for my mothers birth family my mothers maiden name was wilson her mothers name was thelma wilson my moters full name was thelma jaNE WILSON she was adopted at birth at a hospital in calif she said my grandma wilson told her her real parents were french creol my mom was a great mother she has 9 hEALTHY HAPPY

    • Eva Razutis says:

      I knew your mother, we grew up together in El Monte.Your grandmother worked at Henry’s..she was quite a lady.She had a brother,allen/judy and a nephew named Tuffy.She married Rudy, I was her maid of honor. Sounds as if she’s passed ?? I’ve tried for years to get in touch with her but was never successful. The story I remember was that it was your grandmothers housekeeper??? she was young and couldn’t take care of the baby, so your grandmother adopted Thelma Jane Wilson Zamora.Your grandmother’s birthday was Aug.1900, your mom’s birthday is June as well as mine.Would love to hear from you if possible. I’m at

      • Wesley Tilton says:

        Eva I remember you we’ll you lived down the street on enlin st. Jane has passed as well as my dad Judi and Allen.

  3. I.Jackson says:

    My name is Izarria Jackson im trying to find my birth parents… my mothers name is Lillian Manners-Anthony and my fathers name is Calvin Anthony. I came from an agency called St. Vincent Services in Brklyn, Ny and the hospital that i was born in is called Beth Israel in Manhattan, NY. My birth name was Izzaria Anthony. The only other residences that i know my birth parents lived is The United states Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. I tried to contact my agency and they transferred my records to the Brooklyn family courts for foster children. Recently i was told that my records aren’t in the archives..i really don’t beleive that at all. Please help me as i sound so very desperate..any info would help thanks so very much!!

  4. If you are an adoptee, or are a birth mother, birth father, or birth family member in search of a missing adoptee, please submit a request for a free evaluation of your adoption related search. One of our recently reunited clients said it best when she stated, “Finding the answer to who I am and who they are is the best thing that I have ever done!”

  5. I. Jackson says:

    How do I go about filling out this request? Is there a link? or a drop down menu to fill it out?

    • Dana says:

      Hi. If you would like assistance with a search, please give us a call at 1-888-965-6696 and ask to speak with a search consultant. We’ll provide you a free and friendly search consultation. Thanks!