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Avoid Criminal Identify Theft

Avoid Criminal Identity Theft

Our expertise is finding people, their assets, and their background information.   We know whereAvoid Criminal Identity Theft to look, who to call, and what to say to find anyone’s personal information.  Who better to help you avoid criminal identity theft?  That’s the reason for this post. 

Although consumers have become more well informed at avoiding criminal identity theft, identity theft crooks are constantly updating their methods to steal credit cards, open bank accounts, obtain loans, etc. 

Here are ways you can avoid criminal identity theft:

  • Carefully review your bank and credit card statements for unusual activity and make sure all your transactions match your statements.  Catching  an unauthorized transaction quickly will save you time and money, and notifying your bank within two days limits your liability to only $50.00.   
  • If one of your bank or credit card statements does not arrive on schedule, notify the appropriate security department.  An identity thief might have your statement.
  • Use ATM cards that carry the Visa or MasterCard label.  Your liability is limited to $50.00, no matter how long it takes for you to report criminal identity theft. 
  • More easily avoid criminal identity theft by receiving your financial statements online.  This gives an identity thief  less opportunity to steal your hardcopy statements before and after you receive them.   If you need to use snail mail, shred personal and financial documents you place in the garbage.
  • When conducting online financial and personal transactions, avoid criminal identity theft by changing your passwords often, and avoid easy to deciper passwords (e.g., birthdates, people’s names, dictionary words, license plate numbers, song names, words from poems, etc.). 
  • Avoid criminal identity theft, by using up-to-date spam software and virus protection.  Install a firewall if possible. 
  • Avoid providing personal information to anyone who telephones you.  This might seem obvious, but there are savvy identity thieves who are experts at pretexting and soliciting information by phone. 

Lastly, for a small fee, OmniTrace can run a background search on you to determine any signs of criminal identity theft.   If you are interested, please give us a call at:  1-888-965-6696 or email us at:

Please leave a comment with any questions or advice you may have about criminal identity theft.

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