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OmniTrace Reviews on Trustlink…

Hi everyone. Our OmniTrace staff hopes all of you had a Very Happy Holiday Season and New Years!  Although we had a little downOmniTrace Reviews On Trustlink time  (JUST A LITTLE!), our researchers have been hard at work on many cases involving:

  • Birth Family Reunions
  • Locating Missing Persons 
  • Finding Lost Loves & Friends

We also have a specialty division that tracks down thousands of lost patients every year who have unexpectedly dropped out of major clinical trials. These patients are known as Lost-To-Follow-Up, and you can learn more about that  aspect of our business HERE.

We know how much you love reading our reviews (ha) and here’s a recent  one about us posted on TrustLink!


(TrustLink was originally founded by the Better Business Bureau in 2008 to provide a forum for consumer complaints and compliments. The site was launched in 2010 and in less than a year became one of the most popular and trusted rating sites on the Internet.)

You can read many more of our OmniTrace reviews HERE!

Please click HERE if you’d like to get you own search started with OmniTrace today! 

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Birth Mom Found!

Mom meeting Son for first timePlease contact OmniTrace immediately if you are searching for your birth mom and want to be reunited right away!

Our toll-free number is 1-888-965-6696

Read what our clients are saying:

“Wanted to share the good news that I have made contact with my birth mother and it couldn’t have gone better! I have already made plans to travel to Indiana for Christmas!

 I have learned a little about my extended family, but am so excited to learn more!!

 I just want to say thank you and OmniTrace for all of your assistance in making my dream a reality!!

 Thanks again!!



“I want to say THANK YOU very much to you and your team for the work in locating my birth mom. I would highly recommend Omnitrace to anyone wanting to find birth parents. You all filled a little void in my life. I am going to see if I can find out some medical info with a number and contact person I now have.

 Best Regards,



“I am happy to let you know I will be meeting my birth mom for the first time tomorrow!! Thank you for all your hard work and continuous follow-up. I sincerely appreciate all your time and assistance.




“It’s been a couple years now since you reunited me with my birth mother. My birth father passed away in 1997, but with your help I was able to to get in touch with his family as well. They have been an incredible source of love and acceptance and, my aunt and cousin, came to visit and we were able to meet for the first time just a couple weeks ago. I also got married this summer and i was able to have my mother and birth mother there to support me. It was an incredible experience and I am so grateful for everything you have done for me and the wonderful things that continue to unfold as a result of your help. You guys are amazing and I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for what you’ve done for me.



“I recently used Omnitrace to find my birthmother. Within a few months they had found her and my two half brothers!! Since then I have been in contact with her and have met with her. We have agreed that we want to stay in touch and be a part of each others lives. It’s been wonderful!! My experience with Omnitrace was great!!! They did exactly what they said they would and then some!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for someone!!!


Find Your Birth Family

NBC Productions – Finding My Father – Oxygen Network

NBC Productions – Finding My Father – Oxygen Network

Find Father


OmniTrace is excited to work with NBC Productions on a new TV series which will be aired on the Oxygen Network.

FindingMyFather is a new, uplifting series which will document searches by daughters and sons for their biological father.

This is an unprecedented opportunity! If you are searching for your birth father, and want to reunite on TV, please email:

Find Your Birth Family

OmniTrace Ratings & Reviews

OmnniTrace Ratings & Reviews

Here are some recent ratings and reviews from our wonderful clients. 

A wonderful OmniTrace family reunion!

A wonderful OmniTrace family reunion!

Julie R. 9/16/2014

“OmniTrace found my full brother we never met. I tried on my own and was unsuccessful. The staff at OmniTrace used all their sources and knowhow and found my big brother. Thanks OmniTrace”

 Dawn W. 9/11/2014


Hi Kevin,

I am happy to let you know I will be meeting my birth mom for the first time tomorrow!! Thank you for all your hard work and continuous follow-up. I sincerely appreciate all your time and assistance.




Becca P. 9/5/2014

“It’s been a couple years now since you reunited me with my birth mother. My birth father passed away in 1997, but with your help I was able to get in touch with his family as well. They have been an incredible source of love and acceptance, my aunt and cousin came to visit, and we were able to meet for the first time just a couple weeks ago. I also got married this summer and i was able to have my mother and birth mother there to support me. It was an incredible experience and I am so grateful for everything you have done for me and the wonderful things that continue to unfold as a result of your help. You guys are amazing and I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for what you’ve done for me.”


Cornell F. 8/29/2014

“On Aug 21,2014 My Mother passed away, In 1998 I had a Friend who Found my Dad on the internet, so I called him and spoke to him excited about talking to him, I told him I was coming to see him but wasn’t able as time was expiring, I lost his telephone. I needed to find my dad again so attempting I believe the Lord led me to contact OmniTrace to my surprise. I gave the necessary info and OmniTrace found where my dad lived and gave me som information, and a possible telephone nu, I called the nu and a answering service picked up and said version please leave a message, and so I did, needing to get in contact with my dad so I can bury my mom for free because my dad was in the military Marines with a honorable discharge, otherwise our family would have to pay 4,000 dollars we had already struggle to come up with 3,900 +150 everything moving by divine order, OmniTrace gave me a nu to a metropolitan senior housing in Cincinnati Ohio and I in Los Angeles, I called the nu and spoke to a lady and asked her to please go where my dad lives, she did at the same time calling as she went and I call

ed and got in contact with my dad, wow, yes, dad, dad, how are you, I love you dad, miss you, as we talked about the past, all I can say is Dad ,Dad, Dad, Pops, Pops ,so I talked to my dad got all the necessary infor, My Relationship restored, Now my moms can be layed to rest for free.

 Thanks to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ and the OmniTrace crew.

 Thanks a million

 Love the flagg

  This Aug 29, 2014!!”


Birth Mother Found!

Birth Mother Found!

Angela S. 8/26/2014

“Hello Sharla, I just wanted to offer you an update to how your services turned out for us. For my mother’s birthday this year, I gave her as a gift her mother’s phone number for her to call / contact. I gave this to her on the day of her birthday and she called immediately. When her mother answered the phone, she knew immediately who it was and sang my mother happy birthday to her for the first time…she knew the date, and remembered it was her birthday… they have since reunited and it has been such a blessing to me and my whole family. My mother can finally put to rest all those 65+ years of wondering and all the questions that were unanswered until now. Thank you… this was the best gift I could have ever given to my mother… Angela”


Ken R. 8/14/2014

“Dear Kevin,

 I forwarded a letter to Betty last Monday. She called me this morning. It was an emotional but very rewarding conversation. I hope to be in contact with her again soon and will go to meet with her as soon as I can. This communication has begun lifting a heavy burden from her. Her remark was that she had prayed all these years that I had good adoptive parents. She said both of her adopted children have always known about my existence, so that should not be as big an issue as feared.

 Thanks again, Kevin



Tammy A. 8/5/2014

“I wanted to take a moment and let you know that your results were perfect. My husband has now met his biological father face to face for the first time in 42 years. It was a wonderful day and I want to thank you all so much for your assistance. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others in the future.”


We hope you enjoyed the above ratings and reviews. You can find many more along with reunion photos at:

OmniTrace Facebook

OmniTrace Flickr

OmniTrace Testimonials

Find Your Birth Family

OmniTrace Investigator Chris Maione Interviewed On Your Adoption Coach Radio Show

Happy Friday everyone! We thought you’d like to know that OmniTrace will be featured on the radio show: Your Adoption Coach, broadcast on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel this Saturday, 9/27/14, beginning at 3:00 PM Eastern time.

Well known in the adoption universe, radio host Kelly Ellison, will be interviewing the head of our research department, Chris Maione. Chris, a master private investigator, will answer many questions regarding our search and reunion process and methods.

Here are a few links regarding the show:

VoiceAmerica Episode 80618

Your Adoption Finance Coach

Perhaps after listening to the show, you might want to call us to begin your own search for your birth parents or adopted child. Our toll free number is 1-888-965-6696. Thanks!

Find Your Birth Family

States With Open Adoption Records

States With Open Adoption Records (updated 10/09/2014)

(For immediate help with your birth family search, please click here now!)

There are several states that have open adoption records.  In these states, an adult adoptee can get an original birth certificate and in some instances more adoption record information. If you are an adoptee looking for your birth parents in an open adoption records state, please request your open adoption records.  However, when you obtain your original birth records, your search might still be difficult.  Having information such as your birth mother’s maiden name and perhaps her old address is a great start, but you will still need to get her current name and address information.  Your birth mother might have changed her name several times, or she might not live in the state where you were adopted.

If you need help with your search, please contact OmniTrace! Here is a list of states where adoption records for all or some years are open.  In some states, birth parents can sign a no-contact veto: Read More

Find Your Birth Family

Successful Birth Brother Search

Congratulations to our client: Cherrylann St. John. We recently located her birth brother! Here is a note that she sent us:

“Subject: Formal Review

I began searching for my birth mother about 28 years ago and found that she was was dead, but I had a name address for her mother (my grandmother) and I wrote her a letter. I received a reply, but not what I was hoping for. My
grandmother had died also. Her husband said my brother was about 19 years of age. He said he had some pictures in his garage and that he would look through them and send me some.

I waited a couple of months after not hearing
anything and rewrote him – I never heard from him. I was in the military and had to go overseas for a 4-year tour so I figured my search was over. I was really sad because I could never learn anything about my mother or grandmother because there was no one alive to tell me about them.

I joined about 1 year ago and began trying to research my birth mother’s roots. Her mother and father were from Russia (no city) so it’s almost impossible finding anything out. I figured I had better begin earnestly trying to find my half brothers before it was too late (we’re not getting any younger). After countless hours of searching (various genealogy sites) I was still nowhere close to finding them. I even joined Troy’ and paid $99.00 to join his member’s club which promises you assistance in finding lost loved ones. I haven’t been able to use the site as advertised
and I haven’t been able to get assistance from them either (so don’t waste your time and money there).

However, I did contact OmniTrace. That was the best money I have ever spent. Unbeknownst to me, one of my brothers had been adopted by another family after his birth and had a completely different name. I would never have found him. OmniTrace found him within a month’s time. I have been in contact with “Bill” and I am so grateful to OmniTrace.
If you need to find someone and you have exhausted all your options, invest in OmniTrace, you will be glad you did. I am.



Find Your Birth Family

Does OmniTrace Guarantee Our Birth Family Searches?

OmniTrace guarantees that we will conduct a professional, comprehensive search to find your birth family members.  We have more skills and resources to achieve a successful result than any other search company. At the end of our investigation, you will receive a detailed report containing all of our findings.  Florida state law requires this.

But please note, when you enlist our services, you are asking us to conduct an investigation. We simply don’t know what we will find during the course of our research, and we cannot guarantee we will find the subject of your search or you will be satisfied with the end result.

Here are some situations we might encounter when looking for birth family members:

  • Your birth parents might refuse contact.
  • You may decide not to make contact.
  • Your birth parents may be deceased.
  • Your birth records were possibly falsified at the time of your adoption. This would circumvent our obtaining accurate name information. In other words, the paper trail could become dead.
  • The adoption agency may have taken steps to make a successful search impossible.
  • Your birth parents may be indigent, with no paper trail to follow.
  • The information you originally provided us is incorrect. As an example, one of the most common issues is that birth mothers frequently do not remember accurate dates of birth for their children. 
  •  Your birth parents may simply be unlocatable.   When conducting historical research, even the best researchers run into unexplainable, brick walls at times. This, unfortunately, is part of the research process.

OmniTrace has reunited more birth parents and adoptees than all other search companies combined. We will do everything possible to reunite you with your birth family members. With that said, we cannot guarantee that you will be happy with the end results.  At the end of our investigation, we will provide you a comprehensive report of all of our findings. 

Find Your Birth Family

3 Biological Sisters Reunited!

3 Biological Sisters Reunited

Congratulations to OmniTrace client Diana. We were able to reunite her with her biological sisters and other family members! 

Here’s a note and photo Diana just sent to our lead investigator on this case, Kevin Lynch:

“Dear Kevin

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding my biological sisters, Uncle and his family. They have welcomed my children and I with open arms and hearts!

My Uncle had a get together a little over a month ago and it’s as if we were never apart. We all call or text everyday.

I’m so glad that I called OmniTrace. Originally they said the wait is usually 8-12 months, but in exactly 4 months I received your letter.

Thank so much again for all your hard work and for always Replying quickly to all of my emails and requests.

Below us a picture of my sisters jaime (left) and Jennifer (right) and myself.

Best Regards,

Diana M. Di Pilato-Frusco”

Find Your Birth Family

How To Use The Reunion Registry

How to Use The Reunion Registry

Whether you are a birth parent, adoptee or birth sibling, the best adoption reunion registry at your disposal is the Reunion Registry.   This registry helps numerous people touched by adoption reunite with birth family members or those looking for medical information.  Currently, this easy to use, free, adoption reunion registry has over 400,000 entries–birth parents, adoptees, search angels, adoptive parents and birth siblings.

There are two groups who use this adoption reunion registry:  those searching for someone and those who want to enter their information.  Here’s the easiest way to use this registry:

To just search, use the “Quick Search Box.” This is located in the middle of the reunion registry homepage.   Enter all the info you have on the person you are searching for.  Then search through your results to determine a match.  (you may find several possible matches).  Click on their name, birthdate, birthplace, or the name in the “Submitted by” column. All links will bring you to the correct profile. You’ll then be able to see all the Read More

Find Your Birth Family