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Just A few Birthmother Search and BirthFamily Search Testimonials

Here are just a few birthmother and birthfamily search testimonials OmniTrace recently received.  We realize we are tooting our own horn here, but we can’t help it!!!  :lol:

Successful Birthmother Search

“Thank you for your report on the search for my birthmother. I made a call to the number you gave me and made a contact.

Marjorie is 85 and has some issues with the memory. I went thru this with my adoptive parents at that age. She also acknowledged that she was my birthmother. I kept the phone call short and said I would write to her.  This may trigger some long term memories. Got to go slow and respect the age.  Will email again to you if I get more important information.  Thanks again for finding my birthmother!


Successful Birthmother Search


“This thank-you email is long overdue.  My life has been a whirlwind since you provided me the information on my birthmother.  Every thing as gone extremely well.  Yes, lots of drama, but lots of laughter and love.  My birthmother and I met on 9 February and it was the “best weekend of my life”.  My birthmother is wonderful!  I have never been happier in my life. Thank you again,

Birthmother Reunites With Birthdaughter

“I spent a 3 day weekend with my birthdaughter.  Everything went wonderful.  We answered each others questions and then things were like we were never apart.

Thank you and your people who worked on this for fulfilling a birthmother’s long, long dream of mine and hers too.

We are going to make plans to take her and her husband to Oklahoma to meet all her birthfamily members.  They are as excited and we are.  Again, thank you so much.


Birthmother Reunites With Birthson

“Chris and Omnitrace,

Just thought I’d give you an update.  Today around 10:00 am, I spoke to my birthson, Chris.  He was looking for me!!!

If it not for Omnitrace finding out his name, I would have never seen the his posting on the reunion registry, because I would not have known his name.

Thanks so much for your help.  I think this is the beginning of a great relationship.  He really wants to get to his birthmother!

Sharon L.”

Niece Located

“Dear Chris:

Just a long overdue note to say thank you for finding my niece, Tonya Davis.  I am just ecstatic.  She was my sister’s daughter.  My sister passed away in November, 1992.

I received your telephone call on Thursday, November 16, 2006.  I have talked with Tonya almost daily.  Although my finances right now are not great and I cannot meet her personally, my birthfamily and my sister’s friends all got together to welcome her into the family in Cleveland, OH.  They all believed she is my sister incarnate and that she is definitely my sister’s birthdaughter.  She talks, walks, and has my sister’s talents and traits.  Not only was my sister a birthmother, she was also a grandmother.  Tonya has two daughters, ages 19 and 8.  So I am also a great aunt too.

I just received a webcam from my niece, Tonya.  It just brought tears in my eyes.  Not to be melodramatic, I now believe I have a new life because I was the only one left in my immediate family of four and I thought I was alone.

So, from the bottom of heart, I want to thank you, Tatiana, and the rest of the Omnitrace company for finding my niece.

Best wishes to you, your family and Omnitrace for a wonderful, prosperous and healthy New Year.

All the best,

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  1. i had to adopt my beautiful son out. his birth name is michael dean collins,jr. birthday is sept.19,1978. i had a daughter before him in 1973 whom i did not have to adopt out. her name was tonya dawn crutchfield she died in an wreck on jan.23,1996. please if anyone knows thew whereabouts of this beautiful baby please contact me at 217-428-0441. thank you

  2. carole klavens says:

    My friends Sherri and Andi Torrise had their son taken away by the state when he was born in the hospital. They haven’t seen him since then. They would like to contact him and have relationship with him. He was born Andrew james Torrise. His adopted name is Andrew Davis and at the time of adoption his adopotive parents lived in Florida. He is not an adult yet.If you are Andrew your birth paretns rerally want to meet you and be part of your life. THeiy are nice people and never stopped loving you.