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Biological Family Search – What OmniTrace Provides…

Biological Family Search

When you request OmniTrace to conduct your biological family search, here’s what we will make every attempt to provide you:

  • The name of your biological mother
  • The name of your biological father
  • The names of your biological siblings and any additional family relatives (e.g., grandparents, aunts, uncles)
  • Non-identifying information and identifying information covering the background history of your adoption  (In other words, what the heck happened when you were born.)
  • Any available medical records on your biological mother (when records have not been destroyed)
  • Background and genealogical history on your biological family members
  • The current addresses and phone numbers of all biological family members that we identify.

Complete the simple form on THIS PAGE and start your biological family search now!

Find Your Birth Family

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  1. Signy Ellerton says:

    looking for at least medical information from my birth parents. i have survived two types of cancer, and am having some other major medical problems. my 13 yr old daughter is also having some of the same problems. please help!? i would like to get to know my birth family as friends, but just medical is ok too. i was born in a baltimore hospital, to teen parents, who kept me for about a year.

  2. Signy Ellerton says:

    my birth date is january 30, 1978. adoptive parents are david and signy, an attorny and signy worked on capital hill. my adoption was kept a secret for 27 years.

  3. Signy Ellerton says:

    i lived with avis a retired nurse. i was taken or given to social services. my birth family got weekend visits, i was taken to their house and picked up. avis was sent to korea w/ tnhe military. the social worker retired after my adoption.

  4. Heather L. Jordan says:

    My name Is Heather Jordan And I’m looking for My mother Or any one that is related to her her name is Theresa and her Maiden name is Zeiler I was adopted when I was ten and haven’t seen her since I would love to be in contact with her .I want her in my life really bad I’m now 20 years old I’m pregant and will be getting married very soon I want her to be grandma to my child and meet my family and my soon to be husband so please if you know her or related to her please let her know please that her daughter is looking for her :mrgreen: :smile: 😀 ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

  5. Heather L. Jordan says:

    If any body knows anything anything at all you can reach me at my gmail acoount thank you for your time sincerly,

    heather jordan

  6. Heather L. Jordan says:

    thank you

  7. Heather L. Jordan says:

    have a nice day!!!!!

  8. Denise Allen says:

    I am looking for my birth son who is now 18 in the ohio area … I miss him and never wanted to give him up . he was born as oronde w. Allen Jr 9 lbs 11 onces. he was born in the old St. Josephs hospital on Todd Ave in Warren Ohio ,which is no longer a hospital .. His birthday is feb 11,1992. please if you know him or his where about please contact me. Just want you in my life .

  9. Rachel Johnson says:

    I am looking for my son. He is now 18 yrs old, his bithdate is Jan 9, 1993. His name is Michael and his adpoted parents names are Dick and Lorraine, the adoption took place in Memphis Tn. Please contact me if you have any info on him.

  10. alissa schoebel says:

    I’m looking for my birth father how do i go about doing that bec i was adopted

  11. Joanne says:

    Looking for a 1/2 sister born May 12, 1950. Mom became pregnant before she was married to Dad. You were born in Denison Iowa and taken to Council Bluffs Iowa around May 14, 1950 and adopted out through Iowa Luthern Services. I don’t think any less of Mom but I’m mad because she never told us about you. My birthdate is May 6, 1953. Praying that we can get together someday.


  12. heather says:

    😥 I am 32 years old and i know who my birth father is as well as his name. his name is ALLEN Sorrell. my mom was married to the man i called dad for many years but she had a trist with allen and i came along .I love the man i called dad who just passed in oct. of 2010. i just really want to see my real father and see if i look like him and even get to know him if he wants.. he has grandchildren from me and my son just passed from childhood cancer and i want to know my father befor something happens to him.. if u can help me please do i dont know where to start…

    thank you, heather

  13. Brandy says:

    I am 35 yrs old I was born on May 24,1976 in Lake Shore Hospital in Lake City, Fla. I am searching for my birth parents and for any brothers or sisters out there! My birthmother’s name is Carol D. Mitchell. I don’t have any other information other than this! I can only pray that this message reaches you! Even though I have an adopted family you are still my mother I would even call you my mother because no matter what the reasons were for you to give me up for adoption You are very much excepted in my life always have since the moment I found out about you!! You are the light I’ve been searching for in darkness,the light I need and have always needed in my life. I love you! 😆

  14. Gerry says:

    I had a baby girl that was born May 10, 1979. I gave her up for adoption thinking at that time i did it out of love,time went by days, weeks. months. and years. Always thought about her and wondering how she was.She has a sister name Christy she’s 35.I dont want to disrupt her life. I want her to know that if she ever wanted to find me she can. At that time my name was Higginbotham. I went back to my maiden name Sawyer.It was told when she got older that her adopted parents would tell her.If you are out there the name i gave you was Betty Sue Faith.I added Faith because i wanted you to have faith in God and that God would guide you through your life.that couple could not have children and several yrs before they had adopted another child.I know the adopted father is 6 ft tall and holds a position in a scientific field and the adopted mother was a house wife and mother and she liked to sew make ceramics and take pictures.I just want you to know that all these yrs i loved you in my heart.Wherever you are. God will make away.I love you my daughter where-ever youre at.


      hello my name is nicole. I live in western australia and do not believe that my parents are truely my own. I have blonde Natural hair and blue eyes. I am 5ft 9in and am desperate to know if I am adopted. My reasons are my own and I cannot ask questions nor if I did would anyone answer. I know that i am nothing like my parents or brother. I hope god had nothing to do with your child being forced out of your care. my parents are church mad and i know now after internet searching that they lie on their birth and death certiificates saying they are church of england but in fact roman catholic. … my mum like to sew and knitt and was very good at it. she was a house mum and a mother to a boy two years older than me. he has dark dark black brown hair and eyes and so does my father me blonde and blue eyed. I look nothing like any of my family…. please help… love nikki marie bennetts

  15. Kay says:

    I’m looking for my biological mother. I was born in Houston, Texas on May 14, 1966 and was adopted thru Catholic Charities by a very loving family. My biological mother was said to be 17 and possibly in cheerleading and my biological father was said to be 19 and out of high school already. Does any of this sound familiar? Please contact me.

  16. Regina says:

    i was born on september the 29 1982 and my sister is august 30 1981 and we really miss or birth mother please if you know any thing also about my two brothers chris and avondo please contact me thank you

  17. Ann M. says:

    Both my adoptive parents have died and would like to find my birth mother. I was born February 26, 1960 in Los Angeles, California. My birth mother was said to be 18 at the time and my birth father was 23. I was told my birth mother was a painter. I want to thank her for the ultimate sacrifice.

  18. Dave says:

    I am 42, born in Southern California in Anahiem, Orange County at Martin Luther Hospital. August 13th, 1969. I simply would like to knwo where I came from. I have been rather lost in my life these last few years. My adoptive Family say they love me, and I believe that, yet I feel empty anyway.
    I just like to know my biology family pass.

  19. Larissa says:

    I’m looking for my sister and brother that were adoptied in 1966 in Los Angeles,Ca. I have been looking for them since 1986, so now I’m just looking for any information so our grandmother can rest she still lives at the same address that is listed on my sisters birth certificate. So if they are still alive we are still looking for you with hopes of you wanting to be contacted.(Saint Louis, MO)

  20. Larissa says:

    My sister(Judy) and brother(David) I hope someone has any help for me to just know they are fine and happy!

  21. Sue says:

    I Am looking for my half brother born to Shirley (Huff) Wyckoff. He was born in the mid 1960’s in upstate NY. I think his name might be Matthew but I am not sure. Shirley died in a car crash on Dec 15 th 1967. I really want to locate my brother. I don’t know if he was kept by Shirley and her husband, or adopted out. I hope to be successful in this search.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Sue, So are you the half sibling through Henry Sroka or through Shirley Wyckoff. I’m asking because Shirley Hoff Wyckoff was my mother. I was born to her on May 16, 1963 at Genesee Hospital in Rochester, NY and adopted through Catholic Family Services. According to the information I have received from Catholic Family Services, my father died in a hunting accident in November 1962 before I was born and reportedly Shirley and her husband gave me up for adoption. So if you are Shirley’s child it is possible we are related and that Matthew is my half-brother as well. If not, this Matthew you are looking for is possibly related to both of us but we are not related to each other. Contact me if you have any other information.

  22. Sue says:

    Nancy, i am Henry Sroka’s daughter. I am trying to find the child Shirley had in 1967. I have spoken to her husband he is still alive in Arizona. They had two children of their own. A daughter (Nancy). And a son (i cant remember his name right now). Nancy passed away. I can tell you moree if you want. My aunt knew your mother, and so did my mother. Feel free to call me. Maybe you could help me find our mutual brother.

  23. guadalupe garcia II says:

    Hi my name is guadalupe garcia III I am 29 yrs old.I am looking for my father guadalupe garcia II. I live in winter garden florida. I have not seen or heard from my dad since i was about 9 or 10 yrs old. Last I knew he was in brownsville texas. He has a brother named gilbert garcia and my grandmothers name is olga garcia. I have a sister that is younger than me her name is melinda. I beleive his birthday is 4/14/65 but not to sure. If anyone has every heard or seen of him please get back to me

  24. donna phillips says:

    My name is donna jean phillips birth name that is was born on march 23 1969 at westchester co. Pa. Hosp. At the age of 18months old I was put up 4 adopt. The people I was given 2 was fam. As far as I was told. Really don’t know for sure. Adopt. Mom died when I was in my late 20s and adopt dad was just a person that thought he could bring me down. But that never happen. Just want 2 know who my real mom and dad is or was. No strings. I’m doing great. I’m get my lic. 4 hvac. Heating ac. Ref. And ventation

  25. donna phillips says:

    Oh and if I have any sisters or brothers pls feel free 2 call me.

  26. Allen says:

    My name is Al I do not know what my biological parents last name is. I was born January 8, 1966 I am a white male. I was only a few months old when I was adopted in Los Angeles California. My adopted last name back then was Gilbert and I was adopted to Judy and Al Gilbert. I am looking for any family members. Please contact me.